Academic Writing | How to write an academic paper? Step by step Guide

Academic writing

Understanding the Logic

What is Academic Writing?

Academic Writing is simply credible, pure, clear, well-structured and most importantly source-based writing. It aims to give ideas to the reader with the support of reliable sources.

An experiment based medical writing with backed-up data or a new innovation in technology with sources of previous technology can be given as academic writing examples.

These academic essays are written to aid the reader’s understanding.

Writing academic English paper starts with a formal language. Since they can have scientific value, it can include special terms and numbers related to the subject.

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Difference between Academic writing and non academic writing?

Most important difference is the formal language. You may use intimate phases in an assignment to make your professor smile, since it is not a scientific writing or won’t be published in anywhere.

While Academic essay writing, you should think it as it will be published in a journal related to the subject to maintain its format.

Effective academic writing is based on 4 major subjects;

  • Clear & Pure writing with no grammar mistakes and formal language
  • Good structure & Appropriate use of formats
  • Good use of credible sources
  • Plagiarism free work

What is plagiarism?

Originality. Plagiarism definition is simply corresponding to originality.

There are plagiarism checker websites and plagiarism check tools that searches all the letters, words and sentences you use in your writing. Plag check tools search your writing in the internet in less than a minute and give you the result of how unique your paper is.

Most of these plagiarism detectors who works for free are useless. If you are about to submit an important document, pureassignment recommends to use PlagScan Pro  (not free)

Even if you don’t re-write other’s work and write it by yourself 100%, it is still possible to get a high plag result. Keep reading, we will get back to this in 3.1

Re-writing other’s works

Today’s conditions give you a chance to improve your copywriting skills by finding exact match of your subject. There are also lots of freelance writer in pureassignment to give you copywriting service.

If you are about to write an academic writing for educational purpose, it is quite possible that your professor gave the same title for other students in previous years.

Such finished work can be perfect guide for you, go on and search for it! You should remember that even if you copywrite other’s work, you still need to give credit to the writer.

Also, PrePostSEO has an useful and free paraphrasing tool, which will help you to make your article unique.

Things you must know before you start writing

Determining right number of sources

Number of sources for research paper is the most important question you should ask. Professors or employers usually ask for a specific number but if they didn’t you can follow the following guide.

  • Do not use any outside information without citation
  • Use 1 source for each 200-300 words of a paragraph, no more no less.
  • At least 3 credible sources are recommended to support your major ideas.

Credible Sources

They say credible sources always identify the author. Here are the 3 most popular free credible source list for scholarly writing

You can read our article about Credible Sources & Reliable Sources for more…

Proper length of a paper

Required length of an academic paper is usually given by the professor or employer. Before you determine, you better read the requirements a rubric if exist.

Do not forget! Word count starts from the first letter of introduction and finishes with the last word of conclusion.

If proper length of your paper is not given, we as Pure assignment, recommend to use between 1000 words and 3000 words.

Less than 1000 words essay might look careless and more than 3000 words essay can look boring and careless. Your professor might think this student doesn’t know anything, he/she has just written everything he/she sees or knows!

Number of sources, subject, source quality, conditions must be considered as effective parameters to the length of an essay. You can read our article about Proper length of a Paper & Essay Length Guide

Structure of a paper & Ground Rules of an Academic Writing

Good structure increases readability of your paper and keeps reader’s motivation and interest high.

Default structure of an essay should be as following;

  1. Cover Page
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. 3 Body Paragraphs
  5. Conclusion
  6. Reference

Beyond reader’s interest, there are ground rules for an academic writing.

  • Your abstract should be a single paragraph between 150 and 250 words.
  • Do not mention any of your personal information
  • Use citations in both writing and references
  • Each paragraph MUST contain at least 3 sentences and up to 200 words.
  • Never use whole page paragraphs. No one wants to read that!
  • Each paragraph should include only one idea, cited with a reference
  • Conclusion paragraph summarizes key points stated in the body paragraphs.
  • Write a concise summary of the key points of your research in abstract.

What are the 4 types of academic writing? Formats & Conditions

There are more than 4 academic writing types of essays but APA, Chicago, Harvard and MLA are the most commons.

APA Format & Conditions & Download Free Template

  • APA format is the most popular Format Worldwide.
  • It is used in Academic writings, essays, daily homework, etc. APA format citation and APA format reference are completely different from other formats.
  • As an APA format example (Lastname, Year) can be given.
  • You can read our article about APA Format & Conditions & Download Free Template and download APA Template for free!

Chicago Format & Conditions & Download Free Template

  • Chicago format is a footnote-based format and it is the easiest format to read.
  • It has no specific use as subject.
  • Its most popular feature is footnotes. Chicago format citation uses footnotes under each page to give specific information.
  • Microsoft word is quite helpful to write in Chicago format.
  • You can read our article about Chicago Format & Conditions & Download Free Template and download Chicago Template for free!

Harvard Format & Conditions & Download Free Template

  • Harvard format is the most complicated, structure-based format.
  • It is generally used in very detailed, long writings and really hard to write.
  • As a Harvard format example, books can be given because it also has Table of Contents in it.
  • You can read our article about Harvard Format & Conditions & Download Free Template and download Harvard Template for free!

MLA Format & Conditions & Download Free Template

MLA format is the most common format for daily homework. It is simple, least structured format in Worldwide.

You can read our article about MLA Format & Conditions & Download Free Template and download MLA Template for free!

  • Other things you must know before you start
  • If there is a rubric, read it carefully.
  • Use linking words and phrases
  • Cite all outside information
  • Use simple & conventional grammar
  • Do not mention any of your personal idea
  • Answer the questions directly (if exist)
  • Use citations in both writing and reference according to the format you use
  • 1 Double spaced page is equal to 300 words

While Writing

Use of Sources

After you determine the proper number of sources and you make your research to find right sources to support your writing, here are what to do next!

  • Use 1 source for each body paragraph. Never use any uncited outside information or your own idea.
  • Use your source by either direct quote or reported speech.
  • Do not forget to use citation right after your quote. (This way, PlagCheck systems ignore your quote, your paper still remains original)
  • Use the same citation in also References page. Some websites as Cite this for me or Microsoft Word does this process for you for free.

Source Referring

Source Referring

For APA: (AuthorLastName, Year)

For Chicago: (AuthorLastName Year)

For Harvard: (AuthorLastName, Year)

For MLA: (AuthorLastName)


For APA;

Author, A. A. (Year of publication). Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle. Location:


For Chicago;

Lastname, Firstname. Title of Book. Place of publication: Publisher, Year of publication.

For Harvard;

Author’s Last Name, Initials. (Year of Publication) Title of book. City of publication:


For MLA;

Lastname, Firstname. Title of Book. Publisher, Publication Date.

Just Do It!

Since you have all the knowledge to start, use the free template you downloaded from pureassignment and just do it at ones! Don’t stop until you finish.

  • Don’t waste time for formatting, coloring, font & size.
  • Do not try to write in first person or third person specifically. You can easily fix it later.
  • Do not waste time with spelling & grammar.

You will have time to do them all after you finish.

After Writing

Read first, fix major mistakes

You wrote everything according to word count limit you’ve determined before. So, It is time to read it for the first time to fix major grammar and idea mistakes. Make sure you still keep the right structure you’ve determined before.

Grammar check

Grammar & Language is too important. Use Chegg Grammar Check tool for free!

Final Controls

Before you submit your work, Make sure;

  • Format structure is still active.
  • You have an appealing cover page.
  • You’ve cited all outside information as both in-text reference and it is included in the references section.
  • References has been added (correctly; double check).
  • No grammar mistakes. Contact with PureAssignment to get proofreading service.
  • Word count is satisfied.
  • Name your file with your name and number

And Finally; read from first letter to last letter for the 3rd time and submit it!

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