Best Assignment Help Service Platform

Best Assignment Help Service

There are hundreds of websites & platforms which claims they give the best assignment help service. To be able to say which platform is the best, we should put some ground rules for it.

What makes an assignment help service the best?


  • When you visit those websites, they all claims they have exactly over 5000(?) freelancers/tutors/writers (however you want to name it). I doubt there are only a few people behind the curtain.

How other assignment help platforms work - Best assignment help service platform
This is how they actually do business

  • They claim they have 6 to 7 digit successfully completed projects and they are still looking amateur… Everything pops out from somewhere, It’s not clear what is where, how to proceed…
  • Surprisingly, they all have 4.9/5 or 99% success rate & average customer feedback. Let’s cut the crap for a second, we all know you are lying.


We are not talking about Google Search index. Those firms & websites earn approximately 80% of each job. That is the main reason assignment help platforms don’t disclose any client-based process. It is definitely not about saving client’s profile, etc. They let you use dashboard credentials; how is that could be saving client’s personal information ? That is all about finance, nothing else.

  • If you search as a customer, you will see that they request minimum $50 for a default assignment (2 page, 12 to 24 hours left before deadline, default 3 credible sources).
  • When you look for a job as a freelancer, writer, tutor, academic writer, etc. maximum amount you will get is $6 only if you are lucky. Generally speaking, their average payout for 1 page or 60 minutes of work is $4. Sometimes they try their chance with $3 – $3.5. “However, someone will need money more then others and will accept the order.”
  • Many of them don’t even payout for their workers. They jam in a few sentences to their Terms of Use & Privacy Policy and delete accounts with stupid reasons to not to payout. They have too many common with illegal bet websites 🙂

Professional Behavior

First we should ask that;

Are we talking about freelancer’s Professional behavior or support team’s professional behavior?

  • Those firms treat so kind to clients but so rude & careless to freelancers. Their professional behavior depends your side.

Why Pureassignment is one of the Best Assignment Help service provider?


Nothing we claim in our pages, privacy policy or terms of use is unreal. There is no surprise. We have freelancer friendly platform. You can manage all your finance & Ongoing Jobs via one Dashboard.


We have 100% Pure & Transparent Service Policy. Pureassignment is an assignment help marketplace where freelancers can directly communicate with clients. As long as both side don’t violate our terms, we are totally cool with their interaction.

Professional Behavior

On our platform, Your freelancer’s professional behavior is Pureassignment’s professional behavior. At this point, clients are the boss to hire whichever freelancer they want to work with. Clients are able to can see freelancer’s name, stats, detail and major. All freelancers have a public profile. Thus, we have 100% Pure & Transparent Assignment Help Service tagline!

Click here Register & Start Earning Money

Like we mentioned before, read Privacy Policy carefully before you register anywhere. To learn more, please read Frequently Asked Questions to learn how our assignment help platform works. You can also watch our Youtube Video to see how dashboard & hiring process works. Finally, we share some of finished works on our Instagram Account. We are looking forward to work with new freelancers who are willing to work & earn money online!


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