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Assignment: Chapter 2: Quiz Answers

Ineffective communication, poor telephone skills, and poor planning are all examples of which of the following?
a. Timewasters
b. Poor time management skills
c. Stress management techniques
d. Ineffective goal setting

Which of the following is NOT an effective use of a to-do list?
a. Continually updating a to-do list as priorities change
b. Never rearranging the tasks on the to-do list
c. Rewriting a to-do list to update the tasks
d. Categorizing the tasks to group like-tasks together.

Which of the following suggestions should help you manage a large project?
a. Use a calendar to keep track of important dates.
b. Pick your favourite section of the project and complete that first.
c. Change the target date to suit your schedule.
d. Delegate the parts you don’t want to complete to someone else.

After examining what task he needs to perform today, Frank ranks them in an A, B, C, order for which should be completed first, second, third, and so on. What is this process is known as?
a. Preparing a to-do list
b. Delegating
c. Prioritizing
d. Planning

To track of how she spends her time, Susan records her daily tasks and how much time she spends on each. What is the document she uses is normally known as?
a. A document register
b. An access register
c. A time log
d. A document log

Questions related with Industrial Engineering Concepts

What is SMART is an acronym for?
a. Social, marketable, attainable, realistic, time-sensitive
b. Specific, meaningful, accessible, related, time-measurable
c. Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound
d. Stipulate, meaningful, attainable, relayed, time-delayed

Which of the following does NOT help relieve stress?
a. Getting enough sleep
b. Eating a balanced diet
c. Recognizing your limits
d. Becoming upset and angry

Which of the following is NOT an example of procrastination?
a. Worrying about the size of a project
b. Being afraid of failing
c. Taking care of a customer request immediately
d. Lacking the necessary materials to begin

Questions Related with Ergonomics

What is ergonomics?
a. The study of the fit between people, the tools they use, and the physical setting in which they work
b. The use of the correct equipment
c. The study of human science in the workplace
d. The coordination of people and equipment

What is the process of finding meaningful solutions to disagreements that a normal part of working in any office?
a. Stress resolution
b. Conflict resolution
c. Anger management
d. Event management

Which of the following is NOT an effective time management tool?
a. Grouping like tasks together
b. Making a phone call, sending an email, making another phone call
c. Having all of your supplies within arm’s reach
d. Using a to-do list

Which if the following is an objective, a purpose, or something that needs to be achieved commonly known as?
a. The result of good communication skills
b. A goal
c. Stress awareness
d. A career plan

Which of the following is NOT an ergonomic consideration?
a. Everything you need is within easy reach.
b. Your computer monitor is raised so that your eyes are level with the top of the screen.
c. You are sitting on a backless stool that is supported with three legs.
d. Your mouse fits snuggly in the palm of your hand.

What are two features required for goals to be effective?
a. Vague and achievable
b. Challenging and inflexible
c. Flexible with no deadlines
d. Specific and measurable

Which of the following is NOT a good practice for minimizing interruptions?
a. Scheduling visitors
b. Setting specific times for checking emails
c. Socializing with your co-workers
d. Having an organized workstation

Answers for Questions Related with Lighting

What is diffused lighting over an entire work area is referred to as?
a. Task lighting
b. Ambient lighting
c. Natural lighting
d. Fluorescent lighting

What is light provided for an individual workstation or desk known as?
a. Task lighting
b. Ambient lighting
c. Natural lighting
d. Fluorescent lighting


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