Business Analytics Assignment Help

Business Analytics Assignment Help

Business Analytics Assignment Help

What is Business Analytics Assignment Help?

Business analytics assignment help is the process of discovering, interpreting significant patterns in data. Business analytics tools used to empower your entire work place like t mobile business to ask any question of any data in any environment on any device.

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In another words, business data analytics is the general term for analysis process of big data sets (e.g. survey data with huge population number) using stat. language tools.

What are business analytics assignment help tools?

The growing demand of customers bring data analysis assignments to our lives. It became a “must” for companies with multiple branches, factories, logistics and internet. Thus; there are many data analytics companies and so countless numbers of different analysis tools to analyze different datasets and gain different outcomes. Most (but not all of them) are used by uts business analytics students.

Here is the list of most popular business analytics tools worldwide;


R Programming - Business Analytics


a. R Programming

R is one of the leader analytics tools in business analytics Industry. It’s widely used to calculate outcomes, statistics and data modeling.

It can easily change your data to evaluate data from different angles!

  • It’s features has exceeded SAS features in many ways such as data capacity, performance, data manipulation, etc.
  • R runs on a wide diversity of platforms viz -UNIX, Mac and Windows.
  • This tool has over 10k packages and allows you to search packages by categories.
  • It also provides tools to install all packages auto. as per user requirement. It is quite useful for big data & big data firms.

Tableau Public

Tableau Public - Business Analytics Assignment Help


b. Tableau Public

This one is a free software which bring any data source together with the real-time updates.

  • Tableau public also has a feature to share files through social media with customers.
  • It gives you a chance to access to download the file in different formats.
  • It requires really good data source.
  • Big data capabilities of Tableau makes it effective. So that you can analyze data and visualize your data better than other data visualization software in the market.


Python - Business Analytics


c. Python – Business Analytics

Different form the others, Python is object-oriented scripting language. It was developed by Guido van Rossum in late 1980’s which supports both functional and structured programming methods.

  • It allows you to read, write, maintain your data.
  • Python is rich & free open source tool.
  • It is one of the most popular programming languages in the world today.
  • It’s also used in production industries, manufactories, factories, rocket science, etc. as robot arms & physical outcomes of a programming language.
  • It’s easy to learn Python. It is very similar with JavaScript, PHP and Ruby.
  • Python has rich machine learning libraries (keras, scikitlearn, theano and tensorflow).
  • It can be assembled on any platform like an SQL server, a MongoDB database or JSON.
  • It can also handle text data quite well.




d. SAS – Business Analytics

It has developed by the SAS Institute in 1966 and further developed in 1980’s and 1990’s. It is both a programming area and also a language for data manipulation. SAS IT resource management category and SAS in-memory statistics assignments are collected under business analytics assignments topic.

  • one of the leaders in business analytics.
  • easily accessible & manageable.
  • it is good for analysis of raw data from any source.
  • SAS introduced a large set of products in 2011 for customer intelligence and numerous SAS modules for web, social media and marketing analytics that is widely used for profiling customers and prospects.
  • It also predicts target consumer behaviors (so used for consumer behavior assignments), manages and optimizes communication.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark


e. Apache Spark

A. Spark has developed by the university of California on Berkeley’s AMP lab in 2009. It is a fast, large scaled data processing engine.

  • It calculates applications in hadoop clusters 100x faster in memory and 10x faster on a disk.
  • Spark is built-on data science. Concept of it makes data science effortless…
  • It is also one of popular tools for data pipelines and development of machine learning models.
  • It also has a library called MLlib.
  • MLlib provides a progressive set of machine algorithms for repetitive data-science techniques such as data classification, regression & correlation, collaborative filtering, clustering, etc.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel - Business Analytics Assignment help


f. Microsoft Excel – Business Analytics

Excel is the program which we all have on our computers as default. Even if you are an expert of SAS, Tableau or R; you still need to use Excel to handle business analytics excel assignment. Excel gets important when there is a need for analytics on the customer’s internal data.

It analyzes complex dataset and summaries your data with a preview of charts, pivot tables. This feature helps you filtering data according to customer’s needs.

Microsoft Excel also has the advance option for business analytics that helps in modelling capabilities. It has pre built options such as auto relationship detection or a creation of DAX measures and time grouping.

  • It is free for non-commercial use.
  • Compatible with almost all other data analysis programs; all industries.
  • There are multiple options to import & export datasets.
  • It is a computer software that carries the name of Microsoft.
  • Responsive for real time actions.
  • Excel is one of the richest programs on the history. There are countless functions.
  • Fast & efficient for complex tasks.
  • Excel 2020 has great dashboard feature.




g. RapidMiner

This one is a powerful data science platform which performs data mining, text analytics, machine learning and visual analytics without any programming. It also performs predictive analysis and the other advanced business statistics like

  • It can incorporate with any data source types. Includes;
    • Access
    • Excel
    • Microsoft SQL
    • Tera data
    • IBM DB2
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • Sybase
    • Ingres
    • IBM SPSS
    • Database, etc.
  • The tool is very powerful that can generate analytics based on real-life data transformation settings. (i.e., you can switch the formats and data sets for predictive analysis).


KNIME - Business Analytics


h. KNIME – Business Analytics

This software has developed by a team of software engineers at university of Konstanz in January 2004. It’s leading open source, reporting, and integrated analytics tools allow you to analyze and model the data through visual programming. They also integrates numerous components for data mining and machine learning with its modular data pipelining concept.




i. QlikView

This platform has many unique features like patented technology and has in-memory data processing, which executes the result very fast to the end users and stores the data in the report itself. Data association in QlikView is automatically maintained and can be compressed to almost 10% from its original size. Data relationship is visualized using colors a specific color is given to related data and another color for non-related data.




j. Splunk

It is a tool that analyzes and searches the machine generated data.

Splunk pulls all text based log data and provides a simple way to search through it. A user can pull in all kind of data and perform all sort of interesting statistical analysis on it. User can also present it in different formats by Splunk. 

There are plenty of other software for business analytics like enterprise platform bi tool for data visualization. We have collected only most useful and most popular ones on this list.

Business Analytics Types

There are 4 different types of business analytics assignments. Different types of business analytics require different statistical methods to control cost and identify alternative efficient ways for decision making.

Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive analytics describes and summarizes existing data. It’s goal is to create business analytics report of what has happened in the past or is happening currently in businesses. It is the simplest form of analytics and employs data aggregation and mining techniques.

This type of applied business analytics applies descriptive statistics to existing data. The reason is to transform it to more useful version to members of an organization, from investors and shareholders. This way, they let marketing executives and sales managers become more useful.

Descriptive analytics can help classify strengths and weaknesses of a business. It provides insight into client’s behavioral concepts. Strategies can then be developed and deployed in the areas of marketing to determine target customers; identify your audience and service improvement. Even though at a more basic level than if more complicated diagnostic procedures were used. The most common physical product of descriptive analysis is a report heavy with visual statistical aids.

Diagnostic Analytics

Diagnostic analytics is the outcomes of past’s actions to answer today’s how and why. It is the process of looking into the previous performances to determine which factors effect trends positively.

This type of business analytics employs techniques such as drill down, data discovery, data mining, and correlations to uncover the root causes of events.

Diagnostic analytics uses possibilities and the distribution of results to process why actions may occur and employs techniques including attribute importance, sensitivity analysis, and training algorithms for classification and forecasting.

However, diagnostic analysis has limited ability to provide actionable visions, delivering correlation results as opposed to confirmed relationship. The most common physical product of diagnostic analysis is a business control panel.

Managerial Analytics

The term Managerial Analytics simply represents what a manager needs to know about the field of analytics to make better decisions. So, we are using the term to refer to understanding the field of analytics from a manager’s perspective to provide the best business decision analytics assignment.

Managerial analytics is about understanding the difference between descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. It is not about individual business analytics assignment. It is about understanding the different computer tools and where they should be used. Thus; we put last two category Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics Assignment Help together in managerial Analytics assignment help.

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Business Analytics topics we cover

Our freelancers try their best to give top quality assignments on all academic levels. We have following categories as major categories which you can select while posting a job.

business analytics assignment help categories
  1. Business analytics
  2. Business analytics dashboard
  3. Descriptive analysis
  4. Managerial analysis

However, these topics are also accepted by our business analytics assignment help service providers;

  • Business problems analytics assignment
  • Data analytics using pig & hive
  • Data mining projects
  • Data integration
  • Forecasting and econometrics
  • Computational science
  • Business information systems
  • Commercial analytics
  • Market size analysis
  • Trends of market analysis
  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Growth rate of market analysis
  • Market profitability analysis
  • Basic statistical tools assignments
  • Basic knowledge of statistical tools
  • Advanced business analytics

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Business Analytics assignment writing service

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business analytics assignment help

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business analytics assignment help-2

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