Uber vs Lyft: Introduction

Since both these applications created, they become the most recognized alternative to public transportation, especially taxi cabs. To examine their differences; first take a look at similarities of Uber vs Lyft.

We will take a closer look at The National Student Loan System (NSLDS) to understand Data Analysis. National Student Loan System (NSLDS) includes the national database of information about grants and loans awarded to students. These kinds of government sponsored stu...

The Digital Banking Solution for COVID-19 Epidemic

The Digital Banking Solution: How covid-19 began?

In this article, we will evaluate covid effect on economics & banks and find The Digital Banking Solution for covid-19 epdemic. ...

Justification of Strategic Plan for a Public Hospital

According to the research, we are investigating a public hospital in Asia continent to explain Justification of Strategic Plan for a Public Hospital. We have the data of 2012 as Hospital capacity, revenue table, expenses table (separat...

GAISE Report: comparison of the progression

Statistic is an important tool for analyzing any data and making the right decision which also depends on mathematical methods. GAISE report leads statistics with its’ support to education in whole world since 2005. It includes qualified data an...

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