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Assistant Professor -Biochemistry

I would like to inform you that I have completed my Ph.D (Biochemistry) in “Cardiovascular Diseases” at Annamlai University in Chidambaram. The highlights of my career include

  • Four years teaching experience in the field of Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Clinical pathology.
  • One-year clinical experience as Biochemist in the laboratory.
  • I have worked as an Editorial Assistant in (Wiley) Journal Editorial Office for 7 months.
  • Having 5 publications including my D & M.Phil., research work in an International peer reviewed journals.
  • Attended workshops on Research methodology, Techniques and Scientific
  • Participated National and International
  • Presented my research work in reputed University and Colleges and got best paper
  • Life member in Indian Society for Atherosclerosis Research (ISAR).
  • Working as Co-Guide for External Ph.D Scholar in Annamalai University


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