GAISE Report comparison of the progression

GAISE Report: comparison of the progression

Statistic is an important tool for analyzing any data and making the right decision which also depends on mathematical methods. GAISE report leads statistics with its’ support to education in whole world since 2005. It includes qualified data and analysis about teaching process and in particularly, decision making and problem solving for students. The report classifies the four steps of problem-solving. These four steps are; formulating the question, collecting data about it, analyzing those data by using mathematical methods and finally interpreting final results. It also evaluates those steps in categories(levels). We will examine the report level by level, not step by step.

Overview & Comparison of Gaise report Levels
Overview & Comparison of GAISE report Levels

Mathematics can be considered as arms and hands of Statistics. Statistics basically analyzes some sort of data but if it does not base on mathematical tools and data than it has no difference from just a thesis. It is also same in Management. There are educations in schools and courses all around the world about management but in fact, everybody can imply that they can manage a group of people or a factory. The only difference is ones is based on science.

GAISE REPORT: Levels of Problem Solving

According to GAISE Report, we classify problem-solving by four steps. Let’s take a look at these steps on the basis of level A.

It is important to have data sense for children. Data sense means knowing what to do with a given data or how to use it. While formulating the question in Level A, students should distinguish between the first thing that anybody can think, such as cliché answers, and real statistical solutions. They have an imagination of the process inside their head, students start researching and finding any data about the subject. After that, they should cleanse data and start analyzing given data.

From now on, they should understand the idea of distribution. It’s important not to forget the role of mathematics in this analyzing process. Also, graphics and tables can be useful to see the big picture. Microsoft Excel is a useful tool to create tables in such a short time. And finally, they should interpret their final results and have an inference. After they become cool enough with the idea of terms we have discussed, their concept understanding for data sense is the next level.

Level B, C and D

Level B should also continue with the four main component we have discussed before. In this part, students should realize the statistical question’s differences such as a question based on data might be different from a question with a dynamic(non-changed) answer. In the first step of process by Level B, student starts asking their own questions. This means they became familiar with the concept. So, they start creating ideas and questions. This is important for encouraging them and joining their right lobe of the brain to the process. This part also expands their understanding while collecting data and analyzing them. While summarizing their analysis in Level B, they start accepting the reality of there is more beyond the data. They realize that their world around them actually full of data. This helps them to understand how or where to use statistics in their life. Last part, Level C is an output of previous levels. In other words, first two parts are introduction. Since they are able to start asking their own questions, it’s time to be able to find answers to them!

And Finally…

At the last level, statistics requires previous levels’ knowledge end experience. In other words, student should be able to formulate questions and draw a conclusion. While collecting data, they should create a design for the differences such as sampling and experimental designs. Now, they are able to see beyond the analyzed data in some circumstance.

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