Harvard Business Case Analysis

Harvard Business Case Analysis Assignment


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Case Analysis Questions

  1. Conduct an assessment of the case using the Ledvinka, Scarpello, and Bergmann HRM model. Be sure to identify and briefly discuss the key factors for each of the elements of the model. (You can discuss the elements of the model based on what the company looks like before or after Hartley takes actions (or both)). (75 points)
  2. Identify and evaluate five key results in terms of actions that the HR executive took in the case. Identify each action as a strength or an opportunity for improvement and support your answer with course material (be sure to include basic citations). Be sure that you identify strengths and opportunities for improvement (i.e., you cannot discuss five strengths or five opportunities for improvement). (75 points)
  3. Identify and describe five key recommendations for addressing your key results. Make sure that each recommendation is specific and action-oriented. Use course material to support your recommendations (include citations). (75 points)

Note: You only have to answer the 3 questions above. You do not have to answer the questions that are posed at the end of the case. 

Other Files for Business Case Analysis Assignment

Question: Conduct an assessment of the case using the Ledvinka, Scarpello, and Bergmann HRM model. Be sure to identify and briefly discuss the key factors for each of the elements of the model.

The Model:

There are three main sections in this model and then a variety of other elements within each of the main sections

External Environment

  • Factors:
    • Customers
    • Competitors
    • Technology
    • Labor Force
    • Government
    • Labor Unions
  • Each of these factors has the potential to impact a company greatly. However, each company and case is different
  • One company may have a lot of competitors and strict government regulations but no union
  • Another company may have a strong union, important technology, and few government regulations


  • Systems
    • Financial system
    • Sales/marketing system
    • Operations system
  • Other
    • Mission
    • Goals
    • Strategies
    • Policies
    • Plans
    • Programs
  • These are all specific to the organization but aren’t specific to just HR.
  • For example, what are the organizations mission and goals?  What operating systems do they use?

HRM System (not going to list everything that is shown in the model)

  • Planning
    • This is about the pre-work or the planning for what you want to see in HR
    • This could be planning and forecasting for how many workers you need for a sales team or an assembly line
    • This could also be designing a work schedule to complete all of the work that is needed to be done
  • Implementation
    • This is when you actually put into place the plan that you set forth
    • Examples
      • Recruiting, selecting, and placing people in the positions necessary to fulfill the sales team that you planned for (Ekip kurmak gibi)
      • Paying people enough to get the top talent that you desire
      • Executing a training plan to help move junior sales people to regular sales people
      • Could also involve conducting performance appraisals (performans değerlendirmeleri yapmak)
      • Etc.
  • Outcomes/evaluation
    • This is evaluating the actual outcomes that came from the plan you implemented
    • Examples
      • Did profits increase after you hired some great sales people?
      • After you sent people to training, are they more productive?
      • Is the labor relations climate better, after you settled on a good collective bargaining contract?
      • Are fewer people leaving the organization after you aligned your pay to the market rate?

(Model pictured below)

hrm image

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