Most helpful free tools & websites for writers

In this article, we collected most helpful free tools for professional website content writer which will be really helpful for you with your works. These website content writing services are used by many freelancer & writer. These are also the best website to write my research paper.

1.     3 most popular credible source services

Here are the most popular source services you can use for free.




2.     Website for synonyms

A website for synonyms. It can be really helpful if you are re-writing someone else’s work.



This is normally a website for translations but it has a good feature for English synonyms.

Note: You can’t write more than 1 word (or 1 phase).

3.     Paraphrasing tool, image to text tool and more…

This is a magical website! All their services are for free and it is really useful to be able to use them all at ones.

If your paper has high similarly plagiarism results, it doesn’t really matter how good content is because your professor will think it is not your own ideas & writing. To avoid that, use a paraphasing tool. Here is our recommendation;


Also, prepostseo has a feature for re-writing. Helps you find synonyms while essay rewriting.

4.     A website where you find the answer of any question

This website is also a miracle!

Works like other homework help websites, CourseHero, Chegg, etc. But FOR FREE!

Don’t think you can’t find answers to your questions because it is for free. It has a great community and there are answers of many questions which you wouldn’t even imagine.

If you are about to start a finance, accounting, operation research, excel assignment, you better take a look at this website for each question. It is free homework help service!


Plus +

If you are about to get into a quiz or an exam on a blackboard, this website must be on the second tab! You can easily find the answer of multiple-choice questions. Good thing is it is free homework help service!


5.     Grammar check Tool

It is important to check for grammar mistakes after you’re done with your paper. Grammer & writing quality is always a part of rubric. So, if you improve your writing, you should definitely check for grammar mistakes. (Even if English is your mother tongue.)

Chegg Writing

6.     Plagiarism Check Tool

Plagiarism is also too important for quality and originality. Acceptable plagiarism result is 10% for a paper. In many cases, it increases to 30% but try not to abuse it. If your paper has a result more than 30%, make sure you cite all reference & outside information correctly.

If there is still high similarly percentage found, use a paraphasing method.


7.     Text to Speech


You can read our article about Academic Writing | How to write an academic paper? Step by step Guide for more…

Do not forget! You can always find an expert on for your writing assignments!


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  • Andrew Robinson

    3 years ago

    100% Pure information 🙂 Thank you

  • Jessica

    3 years ago

    It’s cool to find a pure & short list like that but also made me realize how complicated writing process is. Now it makes sense why there are over 200 writing help firms. I guess I’m gonna hire someone from Pureassignment…

  • Most of these websites are already on my bookmark. One thing I want to add is, there must be real plag check for free. Does anyone have any knowledge?

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