New Minimum Threshold Update: $50 For Freelancers

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Hello everyone! We hope you all are doing well during pandemic. We have a good news for you about New Minimum Threshold!

Pure Assignment help is a freelancer marketplace for freelancers to work online from home and $arn money! Our mission is to give personal education support enabled by technology to every student.

Our platform doesn’t work like other assignment platforms. They don’t let customers and freelancers come together to not to disclose any information about their finance. What they earn is generally more than 80 percent (ours is 40).

Our platform works just like other freelancer platforms. You will know exactly who is your employer, you will be able to communicate with them about Ongoing jobs and most importantly you will know how much you got paid! That’s why we have 100% Pure & Transparent Assignment Help Service Tagline! With our new minimum threshold, it is much easier for freelancers to get paid.

How to become a freelancer?

All you need to do is to be a freelancer and start earning money by providing assignment help to our clients;

Click Register Button, fill out all personal questions carefully, verify your e-mail by a 4 digit verification code and then send your picture to us for identity verification. (Simply take a selfie with your Id card/driving license or passport)

After that, wait for our support team to approve your identity. It may take a few hours to few days. You won’t be able to send proposals until without approval.

While waiting, we recommend you to fill your profile details carefully, upload a professional picture and choose a professional tagline for your public profile. We will also send you an email about all the things you should know before you accept your first order.

When your profile is approved or not, you’ll be notified by an email.

New Minimum Threshold is $50

We’ve reduced minimum threshold from $100 to $50 because of the lack of assignment these days. Since we receive the payments before the assignment, there is no point of keeping your money on our wallet instead of yours.

From now on, freelancers will be able to receive payouts officially via Payoneer when they reach to the $50 minimum limit. If you want, you can read our Privacy Policy & Terms of Use to see it yourself. Also, do not forget to follow us on Instagram!

We would like to reduce it even more… However, it’s Payoneer’s policy, not ours. We hope all freelancers get to the minimum limit as soon as they are approved!

We have we will grove all together! Take good care of yourselves,

PureAssignment Support Team.

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