Positive effects of Technology


In this writing, we will just mention about Positive effects of Technology in our life. Technology is continuously developing since the existence of humanity and is serving to us. These developments have increased the dominance of humanity on nature. The progress we made by technology, especially in the 21st century, is undeniable. Today’s technology shows itself in every area of our lives, in the kitchen, in our living room, on the street.

Positive effects of Technology: Social Media Effect

Positive Effects of Technology: Social Media

In today’s technology, social media has important part in our lives and there are many positive effects of Technology. Thanks to it, people can now communicate from internet from almost anywhere and they can be informed instantly about the developments in the world and any news with their friends.

In addition, we can obtain much more information by it in shorter time.

Thanks to social media, our social awareness is also increasing. People become more sensitive to the events around them. With mass media such as television, radio and internet; problems are addressing to larger groups, more people are being conscious at the same time and progress can be made on the way to the goal with faster steps.

An area without technology is now almost non-existent. Most of the tools and equipment we use in the kitchen, washing machines and dishwashers, televisions that we did not want to be in the hall of a house, internet, many machines used in the workplace and many products, tools and equipment that we do not think of that are the products of technology. Many of them actually make human life easier and save us time.

The point that technology has reached in our age shows its effect in every field as well as in human relations. In past, people had to meet and chat face to face to talk to each other. It was time consuming. Now, they can open a camera via mobile phone or computer or open a camera on facebook, twitter, Facetime and correspond to each other. Thus, people can communicate more easily. At this point, there is a new subject brought by technology, social media. So, what are the positive effects of social media on humanity?

Positive Effects of Social Media on Human Life

It attracted the attention of millions of people in recent years and it became undeniably important for every institution and every business. Many people use it for entertainment purposes by communicating with friends and following the actors they love. Apart from that, there are people who use it for business. For these reasons, the importance of social media in society is great.

Social media tools make people responsive encourage to talk with others. It can be seen as negative by some people but this idea is not so true because people can become more socialized, as opposed to introversion, by following their relatives or friends abroad. For example, it can help you find the right person.

Of course, negative content can be found in people with undesired character but you learn to take precautions by developing yourself against the content by accepting this as the reality of the world and not as bad. In this case, it can give people good experiences at even early age.

Psychological Effects of Social Media

There are too many psychological effects of social media. We can show the most popular effect as being connected with others. Once people get used to it, they want to get the news, socialize, and be aware of the world. In today’s conditions, many countries announced curfew for old people because it’s dangerous for old people to get corona virus. According to a research, old people goes out to be in touch with other old people. They want to learn how they handle this epidemic and if it’s normal. At this point, social media would really help them to be in touch with other elder people.

As another fact, for example if you are having a student life away from the family, you can talk to them in order to always feel with you in order not to feel psychologically bad and you can always get in touch by writing to each other. Now, let’s give information about the cultural features of social media.

Another advantage of social media is that it brings cultures to our feet. Social media users are aware of that they are a click away from different cultures, and curious users can find and adapt to other cultures around the world using social media. It seems that using cultures around the world will create brand new cultures and social media will also contribute to our developing world.


As result of the developments of technology and social media, we are able to do more things in shorter times. It can be life saving for us to be able to communicate with our families who lives abroad and feel like home. People used to travel long-hours before technology and social media became a part of our lives to see each other. Today, life is too faster comparing to those old times and this speed requires us to use Social media as a tool. At this point, some people spend more with social media than it requires and it becomes a block, barrier between their real life. My personal opinion is to use social media correctly at correct; exact intimacy to only see Positive effects of Technology.

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