Probability Questions about Conditional Probability

Probability Questions about Conditional Probability

Probability Questions
Probability Questions Assignment Help & Homework Help

These Probability questions are about conditional probability assignment help. Rolling a dice in multiple conditions, probability tree and other probability calculations are involved in this homework. If you need similar help, register & post your assignment to get instant help from our probability and statistics experts!

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Assignment Details for the Probability Questions

1) If two fair dice are rolled, find the probability that the roll is a double given that the sum is

A)1/2 B)1/3 C)1/4 D)0

2) Find P(XIA). Give your answer as a decimal and round your answer to three decimal places if necessary.
a = 0.8, b = 0.2, c= A.4, d=0.6, e =0.7, f = 0.3

A)0.4 B)0.291 C)0.32 D)0.696

3) The graduates at a university are shown in the table.

Art & ScienceEducationBusiness 
Male, M3424246821448
Female, F324102144570

Find the probability  that the student  is female, given that the student  is receiving an education degree, P(F I E).     

4) The table shows the political affiliation of voters in one city and their positions on stronger gun control laws.

Stronger Gun Control


Are party affiliation and position on gun control laws independent?

A) Yes                                                                                 B) No

Use the tree diagram to find the requested probability.
5) Find P(X1A). Give your answer as a decimal and round your answer to three decimal places if necessary.

a = 0.9, b = 0.1, c = 0.2, d = 0.8, e = 0.4, f = 0.6

A) 0.3 B) 0.18 C) 0.2 D) 0.818

6) A basketball  team is to play two games in a tournament. The probability of winning the 6) first game is .10. If the first game is won, the probability of winning the second game is .15.
If the first game is lost, the probability of winning the second game is .25. What is the probability the first game was won if the second game is lost?

 7)The probability for receiving an A in Mth 201 is given to be 20% in a class of 1000. If 20 students are chosen (with replacement) from the class, what is the probability that five of them received A’s? Round to the nearest four decimal places.

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