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Help with whole course: ENGLISH COMPOSITION II

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Hi there.

We are at the beginning of school time in USA & Canada. This is not a single assignment or single project. This client needs help with the whole course. If you are assigned to this course, your duties will be;

  • Doing ALL the assignments, test, exams, discussion post assignments, writing projects, group projects, etc. until the end of the course.
  • Making sure that the deadlines are met; all works are submitted before the due dates
  • Following up the status of the course; being aware of new published & released assignments and tests.

We are looking for someone who is capable of writing papers; preferably academic papers without obvious grammar mistakes.

The course has started already; and there are due assignments. Thus, we are looking for a freelancer to start working on it immediately. 

The syllabus is attached; please review. The syllabus document may have information that does not affect you, just read the parts you need. Make sure to read Course Evaluation section.

You will be receiving 6 USD for each work hour on this course. This time will be calculated by us. You will be available to withdrawal your funds twice a month.

Only Send a proposal if you read the syllabus and you are capable of completing this course.

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