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Help with whole course: HUMAN COMMUNICATION

  • Job Duration01 Page=300 words=60 minutes
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  • Project deadlineExpired
  • // States

Assignment detail

Hi there.

We are at the beginning of school time in USA & Canada. This is not a single assignment or single project. This client needs help with the whole course. If you are assigned to this course, your duties will be;

  • Doing ALL the assignments, test, exams, discussion post assignments, writing projects, group projects, etc. until the end of the course.
  • Making sure that the deadlines are met; all works are submitted before the due dates
  • Following up the status of the course; being aware of new published & released assignments and tests.

We are looking for someone who is capable of writing papers; preferably academic papers without obvious grammar mistakes. Also, research skills, creative thinking skills will be required to complete the course.

All the information related with this course can be found at the syllabus attachment; please review it carefully.

You will be receiving 5 USD for each work hour on this course. This time will be calculated by us. You will be available to withdrawal your funds twice a month.

Only Send a proposal if you read the syllabus and you are capable of completing this course.

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