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Philosophy Essay x2

  • Job Duration09 Page=2700 words=540 minutes
  • Assignment LevelAPA Format
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Assignment detail

There are 3 different Clients who want help with this same philosophy writing assignment. ASSIGNED FREELANCER WILL DO THE SAME ASSIGNMENT 3 TIMES for 2 different students. 

Each Assignment will take 900 words. (1800 words in total) This is a fixed price Assignment. Only send proposal if you are capable of completing these orders in time.

You can take only one or two of the assignments. Write your note on cover letter if you don’t want all three of them.


You will be analyzing and exploring the implications of one of the four “Life Philosophies” we examined in module one (I say four because I’m counting the two types of hedonism as separate ones): i.e. either Cyrenaic Hedonism, Epicurean Hedonism, Stoicism, or Existentialism.

We want to make sure you work with the philosophies yourself rather than report on what others have said about them.  As a result, the only sources you are allowed to use will be the relevant readings posted in the “Readings for Lectures” folder.  Also, please note that you must cite only from there; citing lecture powerpoints or using other sources is not permitted.

  1. There is a word limit here. The paper must be in 12-point font and double-spaced, and each paragraph should take, on average, a bit more than half a page or so. That should mean that, even if each one is a bit longer than that, you shouldn’t need more than about three pages for the essay (not including the title page). If you do go onto page four, that’s OK, but you cannot go onto a fifth page.  In terms of word count, the length for the paper should be minimum 700 words and maximum 900 words.  If you fall outside these guidelines, on either end, there will be a deduction.  Part of the assignment is keeping to the assigned length and doing the job well in that amount of space.

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