Assignment Detail

Proofreading Assignment on Reflection Paper

  • Job Duration01 Page=300 words=60 minutes
  • Assignment LevelNo template
  • Deadline & Due date (YYYY/MM/DD)Expired

Assignment detail


If you believe you have excellent grammar and writing skills on English, I will hire you.

I had this assignment and I already write most of it.

What I want is;

  1. I want you to proofread my paper. Fix grammar and meaning mistakes.
  2. Write (e) and (f) parts for me. Do not create an additional title for e and f. Just sneak answers in the writing.

You can use Microsoft word to to fix spelling and grammar mistakes. You can also use Chegg Writing to fix grammar mistakes.

Make sure the paper looks good. Use at most 300 words in a paragraph. Divide page long writing to paragraphs and sub titles if necessary.


I Attached the paper I wrote and a mla format if you want to use it. Thanks.

Languages required

Freelancer type required for this assignment

Deadline & Due date (YYYY/MM/DD)

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