Assistant Professor -Biochemistry

I would like to inform you that I have completed my Ph.D (Biochemistry) in “Cardiovascular Diseases” at Annamlai University in Chidambaram. The highlights of my…

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Assigned freelancer will need to answer the following 3 questions based on the attached “Chapter 11.docx” lecture notes document. There is no limit for word count as long as answer…

Researcher and Data Analyst

Hello Everyone! I am an economics graduate from Queen Mary University of London. After that I have worked at IIMA for 2 years which gave…

Beyond the Expectation
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I am a professional writer from Sri Lanka who excels at both academic as well technical writing.  I have completed my Bacher’s Degree in the…

hey stat
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Analytics Expert
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Hello I am Rakesh. I can help you in all type of assignments.

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