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i will be your professional ghostwriter, copywriter, editor, sales copy and ebook

I am a professionally trained ghostwriter, copywriter, and editor with more than 2 years of experience. I will convert your thoughts and experiences into an…

Beyond the Expectation
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I am a professional writer from Sri Lanka who excels at both academic as well technical writing.  I have completed my Bacher’s Degree in the…

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There are 3 different Clients who want help with this same philosophy writing assignment. ASSIGNED FREELANCER WILL DO THE SAME ASSIGNMENT 3 TIMES for 2 different students.  Each Assignment will…

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This assignment have 2 parts. First, you will write an outline to state which topic you choose. It will be about one of the given topics (see attached file to…

Management Consultant
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I’m a management consultant working for a multinational S&P 500 Company  engaging with various industries. Therefore, I have excellent command skills in business writing and…

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