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Last Updated: 9/17/2023

Clients must remember that all papers we provide should be considered as an example & guide for assignment help. Students should not submit the paper we deliver as their own. In such a case, PureAssignment is not responsible for any outcome.

1. Introduction

Welcome to PureAssignment ("we," "our," or "us"). By using our website https://pureassignment.com/, you agree to these Terms of Use. Please read them carefully.

2. Our Services

PureAssignment is an online service marketplace registered as a sole-proprietorship company in Turkey. We provide a platform where clients post projects, and freelancers send proposals to be hired for various services, including writing, analytics, data visualization, and research. We facilitate the interaction between clients and freelancers, similar to platforms like UpWork and Fiverr.

3. User Responsibilities

  • Clients must ensure that using our services to get assistance for assignments or homework is not prohibited by the applicable laws in their country. We do not accept responsibility if your use of our services violates any applicable laws.

  • Users should provide accurate information, including legal names and payment details. Using someone else's payment information is not allowed both for sending or receiving money.

4. User Registration and Verification

Due to Freelancer supply more than assignment help demand, we do not accept all applications from Freelancers. PureAssignment tests each application for English skills; which will be used for verification of the profile. There is no specific passing score; but PureAssignment has the righ to keep applications in a pool, and accept only upon need.

We manually approve freelancers through identification verification (e.g., driving license, ID, passport). However, we do not make representations or guarantees about the accuracy of any User Content on the site.

5. Tax Obligations & Billing

Freelancers are responsible for paying taxes on their income. PureAssignment pays taxes on its own revenue.

Hizmetlerimiz için; her alınan ödeme için bir fatura keser ve müşteri talep ettiği; emailini de sağladığı taktirde mail ile adına kesilen faturaları iletiriz.

For each and every service we provide, we create a bill using client's name. If name is not provided, as well as country information, we will create a bill under "End User" name. All bills are delivered through email. If the client contacts with us through WhatsApp help, we won't be able to send the bill. So, clients should specifically request bills through email by providing their email.

6. Payment and Fees

  • We receive a 40% commission on all orders.
  • We automatically send payouts payouts on the 15th of each month when a freelancer has a balance of at least $50.
  • We have the right to refuse working on an order by declining it before receiving any money.
  • Price quotes are valid for 6 hours. The prices will increase as the due date approaches.
  • If a freelancer specifically requests their money, we will still send payouts on the next 15th of the month.
  • If a freelancer completes some orders but does not reach a $50 minimum threshold, we reserve the right to hold the funds for up to a year and then delete the account.

7. Delivery, Return and Revision Conditions

  • Clients must provide complete and accurate instructions.
  • Job grade must be at least 70%. However, this is only applicable if the test, project or exam is graded instantly by a system. So, if a professor is taking 1 week to review and grade a work, we have right not to refund any money. In other words, If the test grade is evaluated instantly upon submission by the system, and results in low grade, we refund money. If not, we have right to evaluate grading rubric to see if our freelancer really did a bad job or not. If a grading rubric is not shared, again, no refund.
  • Content quality, format, structure, and word count must meet standards.
  • Orders must be delivered before the deadline.
  • Unprofessional behavior is not tolerated.
  • For milestone jobs, freelancers must work efficiently.
  • If a revision is requested for valid reasons, it must be done before within a reasonable time span.

8. Currency Exchange

All prices on the website are in USD. We do not accept responsibility for complications caused by currency exchanges.

9. Account Deletion

We have the right to delete the account of any user who attempts to communicate directly with clients outside of our platform.

Besides, if a freelancer is registered but has no working acitivity for a period of time, or if there is no profile picture, or any descriptive information (skills, university data, name, etc.) in his/her profile, then PureAssignment has the right to delete the account in a periodic cleaning process.

Other  than that, if the freelancer accepts to work on an order and we loose communication for a considerable period of time, we have right to cancel the order and delete the account. Especially, we are more careful with first couple of orders of new freelancers.

10. Data Security

It is the responsibility of clients to ensure the security of their data. We do not accept responsibility for the misuse of assignment instructions shared in our pool.

11. Legal Note

"PureAssignment works as a service provider & host of the contents posted on the website. PureAssignment is established in Turkey. PureAssignment is only charged with Turkish law, and all matters discussed in Terms of Use and other sections must be considered according to Turkish Law. According to Article number: 5 of law number 5651 published in the official paper; 'The site provider is not obliged to check the content it provides or to investigate whether there is an illegal activity.'"

12. Important Reminder for Ethical Use of our Submissions

Clients must remember that all papers we provide should be considered as an example & guide for assignment help. Students should not submit the paper we deliver as their own. In such a case, PureAssignment is not responsible for any outcome.

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