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There are too many sources on the internet; either credible sources or non-credible ones. Anyone with any knowledge level at any age can write everything about anything! This much as bigdata makes it complicated for data cleansing process.

There is no specific rule for reliable sources. However, we can claim that there are a few ground rules! Make sure your source is;

  1. backed-up with other sources, it is no one’s own idea
  2. Not a blog, personal writing
  3. Published & approved by an institution or has potential to be published

Here are some popular, reliable & credible sources you can use with your academic writings.              

Google Scholar

  • Google Scholar is a scholar, free open-source
    • Easy to use & rich sources
    • Supported by world’s most popular search engine, Google
    • Includes books, journals, academic writings and more…

Research Gate

    • Research Gate is a scholar, free open-source
    • Easy to use & rich sources
    • Commonly includes journals and academic writings
    • It has cite this for me future

Even if it is so popular, I personally don’t like Research Gate. Most researches are not for free and not shared with public to use.


    • Research Gate is a scholar, free open-source
    • Easy to use & rich sources
    • It has cite this for me feature which helps a lot while working on a complex project.

Best search engine among others. Gives you the best result.

Some journals are not for free but Jstor is my favorite source.

You can read our article about Academic Writing | How to write an academic paper? Step by step Guide for more…

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  • Well, sources are huge part of originality and so rubric. It effects the whole assignment. So, it is really important to select right sources.

  • Lily

    3 years ago

    I used to cite first website that appears when I search xd It took 1 more year at collage for me to be aware of that 🙂

  • Some source websites don’t let you cite & read. That’s why I don’t really like Jstor (not always).

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