FAQs About Our Service

Finds answers of frequently asked questions.
  • Can you make my project?

    Get expert opinion of our team.

    ✅ PureAssignment covers +150 assignment help categories with more than 100 active freelancers. Contact with us via WhatsApp to get an opinion about whether or not we can do it for you.

    ✅ While you are waiting to get a reply from us, make sure to tell us

    (1) when is the due date and

    (2) send related assignment documents.

  • Do you make dashboard assignments like tests and quizzes?

    Yes, we have dashboard assignment service.

    ✅ Yes. After turning on a VPN of your country of residence, our experts login to your dashboard and take your tests, quizzes as it is you. We have hundreds of successfully completed tests with over 90 scores.

  • What about discussion post help?

    We write discussions and peer relies as well.

    ✅ After turning on a VPN of your country of residence, our experts login to your dashboard and write discussions and peer relies for you. We make sure all instructions such as word count are followed, discussions and replies are logic and meaningful.

  • Is it possible for me to get caught and be punished for fraud?

    Definitely not!

    ✅ All registered assignment experts use your country's VPN to access to your dashboard.

    ✅ You can trust to our freelancers as you are trusting us because all freelancer of PureAssignment are manually approved by our recruiting team. In case of any problem, PureAssignment support team will be your interlocutor. 

    ✅ Search engines can't find your public profile.

    ✅ Our quality control team check each and every assignment for plagiarism before the submission.

    ✅ We have never had ANY problem with plagiarism & academic fraud since our foundation.

  • How can I trust the freelancer?

    Pureassignment is the intercessor between clients and freelancers.

    ✅ Pureassignment is the intercessor between clients and freelancers.

    After we approve the payment from clients, hired freelancer starts to work on your project. Your money is kept in our pool until the successful delivery of the order and release of results for muted tests.

    If order quality or score is not satisfied, PureAssignment ensures 100% revision and/or money back guarantee!

    To learn more, please check our Terms of Use.

  • What About Prices?

    Our Prices Are 76% Cheaper Than the Market.

    Factors such as;

    ✅ Due date or deadline

    ✅ Required hours of work

    ✅ Required pages to be written

    ✅ Research before writing

    are important variables for the determination of the price.

    Contact with PureAssignment Support Team via WhatsApp to get a price for your homework.

  • Do I need to pay before or after the work?

    We receive the payment before the work. But you are 100% safe!

    ✅ Here is how our assignment help process works.


    (1) After our expert team gives you confirmation that we are capable of doing your assignment, we determine a price for the work.

    (2) After you process and we approve your payment, we assign one of our expert freelancers to work on your order. Your money is kept by PureAssignment in a safe pool until the successfully delivery of the order.

    (3) After you receive your order, submit it and get the minimum of 70% result, freelancer receives the money to his available balance.

    In case of any trouble, all your rights are protected by PureAssignment.

  • How do I pay?

    We use Remitly.com as payment processor

    We use Remitly.com as our International payment processor. It is safe, secured and reliable method to transfer money internationally.


    We do not use Interac or PayPal or any other method due to legal issues. The reason is, assignment help business model is not supported by many payment processors due to high risk level.

    Get in touch with PureAssignment Support Team to place your first order.


Make Serious Profit

This section is for freelancers.

As long as freelancers keep their average client score high, they will make serious profits. Approximately $600-$900 for a full-time freelancer is not a dream at all!

  • Where to begin?

    It's actually quite simple.

    Click to 'Register' button, fill out all questions carefully, verify your e-mail by a 4 digit verification code and then send your picture to us for identity verification. (Simply take a selfie with your Id card/driving license or passport)


    After that, wait for our support team to approve your identity. It may take a few hours to few business days. You won't be able to send proposals until your profile is approved.

    While waiting, we recommend you to fill all your public profile details carefully, upload a profile picture and choose a professional tagline for your public profile. We will also send you an email about all the things you should know before you accept your first order.


    When your profile is approved, you will be able to send proposals and earn money!

  • How much money will I earn for completed projects?

    60% of each project is yours!

    Our platform doesn't work like other assignment platforms. Other assignment help platforms don't let clients and freelancers come together to not to disclose any information about prices. What they earn is generally more than 80% of each project (ours is 40).

    Our platform works just like other freelancer platforms. You will know exactly who is your employer, you will be able to communicate with them about your ongoing projects and most importantly, you will know how much you will get paid! That's why we have 100% Pure & Transparent Assignment Help Service Tagline!

  • Why do I have to pay 40% of my work?

    We have expenses too.

    When you compare our service fee with other assignment help services, we can definitely say that PureAssignment is the only assignment help platform who is transparent about finance and honest with their freelancers.

    Also keep in mind that there are taxes, payment processor fees for international payments, hosting expenses, salaries, subscriptions, etc.

    After all, we guarantee that minimum hourly prices of PureAssignment is always higher than the market.

  • How can I withdrawal my earnings?

    You have two options.

    We make payouts in 1st and 15th of each month. If these days are weekend, there will be a delay until the first business day of the following week.

    • 1) Withdrawal your funds to your Payoneer account.

    Payoneer is one of the most popular international payment services in the world. It's for free to register & use. It works just like PayPal (a little more professional.)

    All you need to do is to create a Payoneer account. If you wonder whether or not your country is allowed in Payoneer, click here to check.  When your account is approved, go to your payout settings and write your Payoneer email there.

    • 2) Withdrawal your funds to your bank account.

    On your dashboard, you will see fields to write your account holder's name, IBAN number and bank name. We will send your funds directly to your bank account. Your funds will be transformed into your currency. (We use Remitly and Transferwise to send money internationally.) If we need further details about your bank account, Pureassignment support team will contact with you.

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