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About PureAssignment

PureAssignment is a sole-proprietorship company registered in Turkey. We are a legit online business.

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As a freelancer, you can remotely find homeworks, send proposals, get hired and make money by successfully completing assignment projects.


If you are capable of handling freelance tasks such as performing analysis on microsoft excel software, accounting Quickbook, SPSS, MiniTab, Adobe Illustrator, Tableau,PowerBI, SalesForce, Shopify, etc.; then, we may be in need of your skills!

Essays Writers

We are always hiring essays writers. If you have experience performing research from credible sources, or have the skill for creative writing or knowledge for academic writing, you can register and start make money online now.


For academicians who wants to refresh their knowledge, working for a reliable assignment help service provider is one of the best things you can do. Earning money in USD is a uge plus.

part-time workers

We do not have minimum order requirement to be a member of our platform. Search for maths assignment solving jobs whenever you want, whereever you want.

PureAssignment Offers

One of the best online freelancer sites

We call ourselves 100% Pure & transparent Assignment help platform because we are 100% transparent with prices and fees.

Work Independently

As long as projects are delivered on time, you can plan your own schedule; independent from time and location.

No unreachable min. threshold

Our minimum withdrawal threshold is only $50 USD. It usually takes 8-10 hours of work for experts to reach to the minimum threshold.

reliable website for online jobs

We try our best to communicate professionally and friendly with our freelancers. We have freelancers preferring to be reached through Instagram, WhatsApp, Email; all is well!

What is Expected from Freelancers

Professional Behavior

We do not have tolerance for unprofessional behaviors such as trying to communicate with the client or professors beyond limits of our website, missed due dates or highly plagiarized submissions.

Plagiarism-Free Homework Help

Plagiarism is not tolerated by universities, and it will not be tolerated on our platform. We expect freelancers to not to use AI contents, or copy & paste materials.

High-Quality Submissions

Checking grammar, references, formatting; fonts, proper use of writing templates, grading rubric before submission is the key to success.


For most of the time, overdue submissions are not accepted, or result in 10% deduction for each day. For that reason, punctuality is very important.


A diploma is not required to be a freelancer. In fact, we are getting excellent efficiency from successful students with good GPA; as their knowledge is fresh as new.

However, in order to be accepted to PureAssignment, you need to have expertise in at least 1 subject such as statistics, history, business, marketing, finance, healthcare, etc. You either need to be student in college & university or you need to be a graduate.

We are not capable to send money to Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, Palestine, Israel.

 As long as your country does not restrict international payments due to war, financial crisis, etc. we will find a way to deliver your money to you!

Just to let you know, most of our freelancers are registered from India, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, and African countries.

On PureAssignment, there are factors that affects the price of a work. These are;

  • Remaining time until the due date
  • Required hours of work to complete the project
  • Duration of the project; i.e., required words to be written, time to be spent, etc.
  • Any other extra work that takes time such as research, reading, watching, etc. before writing.

These are important factors for the determination of the price.

After we determine a price for the work, you will get 60% of each project that you have successfully delivered. In general, approximate hourly fees vary between $ 3.5 USD up to $8 USD for 1 hour of work, or 300 words of writing.

Note: Job prices you see on job listing are the total amounts of jobs. You will be receiving 60% of it as a freelancer.

As an official business, we are paying various taxes for both incoming and outgoing transactions. Especially managing money internationally is costly.

Besides, we cannot use Interac or PayPal or any other method due to legal issues. The reason is, assignment help business model is not supported by many payment processors due to many scam businesses in the industry and so, high-risk level. This makes us prefer payment processors with higher commissions.

On PureAssignment, minimum withdrawal amount is $50 USD.

We have this minimum limit because international payment fees make it unprofitable for amounts lower than $50 USD.

Usually, a freelancer can reach this amount by completing 2 to 3 average-sized projects.

If your available balance is above $50 USD, we will be sending all your available funds in 15th of each month. You don’t even need to request!

Directly to your bank account; in your currency!

We are sending payouts with, an international payment processor that will deliver it to your bank account in your currency.

Yes, freelancers need to pay tax for their individual income. Regular income is considered taxable income in many countries. However, it is not a legal advice but if you are not making a lot of money worth paying taxes, you shall be fine avoiding taxes for a little more while. Just to let you know, PureAssignment will not be paying any tax on your behalf.

For the most accurate results, we recommend you to research your country’s taxing system, ask to AI or reach out to a legal consultant.

Date format: Default date format is MM/DD/YYYY if else is not specified.

Currency: All currencies that you see on PureAssignment is in US Dollars.

In order to make money, you need to get at least 70% grade on your projects. If not, we promise our clients to refund 100% of their money back; which will also result in no payment and a warning or penalty for the freelancer.

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Note: it will take approximately 15 minutes to complete it.

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Pureassignment is a legitimate online business that is registered in Turkey. ©Copyright Since 2020.

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