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PureAssignment is an official business that is registered in Turkey.

We are an online platform where students pay money to get their assignments done.

We are always hiring expert

As a freelancer, you can remotely find homeworks, send proposals, get hired and make money by successfully completing homework projects.

The type of work we provide is for
  • freelancers
  • writers
  • part-time workers
work online independently

Work online

Independent from time and location, you can work online and make regular income. 
As long as projects are delivered on time, you can plan your own schedule.

✔️ 100% Pure & transparent platform with prices and payments

✔️Freelancer friendly support

❌ No unreachable minimum threshold

❌ No weekly minimum work requirement

Types of works we have on PureAssignment

Even most of the assignments require knowledge in at least 1 field; we receive many orders that does not require any skills. Most of the time, you need time, energy and good writing skills in English. 

Type of works we get on PureAssignment are always based on doing homeworks & assignments, taking tests and quizzes for clients or writing discussion posts for them. More specifically, 

  • making academic research
  • making non-academic internet search
  • paraphrasing academic papers
  • writing academic papers and non-academic essays
  • writing reflection papers
  • preparing presentations
  • designing logo, menu; planning events, organizations, etc. (for homeworks; not actual events)
  • formatting your papers in APA, APA7, MLA, Harvard formats
  • writing Java, SQL, Visual Basic, Python codes
  • doing market research (PESTE analysis, competitors analysis, SWOT analysis, etc.)
  • accounting assignments and tests (income statments, balance sheets, etc.)
  • finance & math assignments (interest calculations, future value of money, etc.)
  • Art assignments; Photoshop + Illustrator, or sometimes perspective drawing on paper
  • statistics assignments (hypothesis testing, descriptive statistics, etc.)


A diploma is not obligatory. In order to be accepted to PureAssignment, you  need to have expertise in at least 1 subject such as statistics, history, business, marketing, finance, healthcare, etc. You either need to be student in college & university or you need to be a graduate.

In fact, we are getting excellent efficiency from successful students with good GPA; as their memories are fresh as new.

We do not have any restricted country for now. As long as your country does not restrict international payments due to war, etc. we will find a way to deliver your money to you!

Just to let you know, most of our freelancers are registered from India, Pakistan, Turkey, Brazil, Ukraine and Indonesia.

On PureAssignment, there are factors that affects the price of a work. These are;

  • Remaining time until the due date
  • Required hours of work to complete the project
  • Required words to be written
  • Any other extra work that takes time such as research, reading, watching, etc. before writing

are important factors for the determination of the price.

After we determine a price for the work, you will get 60% of each project that you have successfully delivered. In general, approximate hourly fees vary between $ 3.5 USD up to $8 USD per an hour per 300 words of writing.

Note: Job prices you see on job listing are the total amounts of jobs. You will be receiving 60% of it as a freelancer.

As an official business, we are paying various taxes for both incoming and outgoing transactions. Especially managing money internationally is costy.

Besides, we cannot use Interac or PayPal or any other method due to legal issues. The reason is, assignment help business model is not supported by many payment processors due to many scam businesses in the industry and so, high-risk level.

Here comes the good part

As PureAssignment, we are paying income tax on your behalf for your income. If you are living in one of the following countries, you do not have to pay income taxes for your income. 

United States (USA), Germany, Albania, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bulgaria, Algeria, Czech Republic, People’s Republic of China (PRC), Denmark, Indonesia, Estonia, Finland, France, South Korea, Croatia, India, Netherlands, England, Iran, Spain, Israel, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Macedonia , Malaysia, Egypt, Mongolia, Moldova, Norway, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation (RF), Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Jordan.

On PureAssignment, minimum withdrawal amout is $50 USD.

We have this minimum limit because international payment fees make it unprofitable for amounts lower than $50 USD.

Usually, a freelancer can reach this amount by completing 2 to 3 average-sized projects.

If your available balance is above $50 USD, we will be releasing all your available funds in 15th of each month.

Directly to your bank account; in your currency!

We are sending payouts with an international payment processor that will deliver it to you in your currency.

Date format: Default date format is MM/DD/YYYY if else is not specified.

Currency: All currencies that you see on PureAssignment is in US Dollars.

In order to make money, you need to get at least 70% grade on your projects. If not, we promise our clients to refund 100% of their money back; which will also result in no payment and a warning or penalty for the freelancer.


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