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Excel Homework

Excel Homework - California Polytechnic State University
Excel Homework – California Polytechnic State University

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Assignment Type: Excel Homework / Excel Assignment

Assignment Category: Algebra Assignment Help

Platform: Microsoft Excel

University: California Polytechnic State University

Template: Unknown

Assignment Size: 1-2 hours

Attached File for Excel Homework;

Part 1. Highlight the answers in Sheet 1. (18 Points in Total)

Multiple Choice and True-False Questions – 2 Points for each question (answer in Sheet in Excel, if need be to justify use space here)

1- True or False: Machine Epsilon is always less than Overflow.

a. True

b. False

2- If I am entering a formula in cell C4, which of the following cell references can be interpreted as “the cell in the same column as the current cell, but always on row 4”?

 a. C4

 b. C$4

 c. $C4

 d. $C$4

3. True or False: The following system of equations has infinite solution(s).

x + y = 0

6x+6y =0

a. True

b. False

4. Given

ATB matrix size is ______________.

a. 3×3

b. 3×5

c. 3×2

d. 2×3

e. none of the above

5. Given

If C=ATB, What is the value of C21 (components in the second row and the first column)______________.

a. 60

b. -50.2

c. 115

d. -97.4

e. none of the above

6. You are using a worksheet to help calculate your monthly mortgage payment. The purchase price is in cell B2, the down payment is in cell B3, the annual interest rate is in cell B4, and the number of years on the mortgage is in cell B5. Which of those cells should be divided by 12 in the PMT function? (Note, another cell will be multiplied by 12.)

a. B5

b. B4

c. B3

d. B2

7. You want to know what the value of your retirement fund will be when you retire if you contribute regularly to your 401(k). The feature that will help you calculate this is:

a. the present value (PV) function.

b. the future value (FV) function.

c. the payment (PMT) function.

d. the interest (INT) function.

8. Which of the following functions does not ignore text entries?



c. MAX and MIN


9. Cells A1 and A2 contain 5 and 7 respectively and cell A3 is empty. What value will be returned by the function =IF(A1>A2, COUNTA(A1:A3), AVERAGE(A1:A3))?

a. 2

b. 3

c. 6

d. an error message

Problem 1 (base conversion) – 15 Points

Convert the base 10 number 23 to base 2:

Convert the base 2 number 0100 1001 to base 10:

Problem 2 (void ratio – VBA function) – 35 Points – (worksheet 1)

A formula used in Geotechnical Engineering to estimate the void ratio – a measure of the compaction level of soil is


void ratio (dimensionless)

absolute specific gravity of the solid material (dimensionless)

soil material unit weight

unit weight

water (or moisture) content of soil (%)

  1. Write a function in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to calculate the value of  given the values of all four variables in the right hand side of the equation. The VBA function should produce a single value () as output. Make sure to make a screen capture of the VBA function code and add it to your Excel Sheet to get credit.
  2. Create a beautiful table in your worksheet containing the names of the input parameters, their values in named cells, their units and the result for  by utilizing your code (i.e. label all inputs and outputs appropriately). To check that the value of  meets compaction standards, use a message box beneath the table and write a message “Meets Compaction Standards” if the value of  is less than 0.8. If not, write “Does Not Meet Compaction Standards”.

Test your function using the following values:

c) Use the function created in part (a) to perform a sensitivity analysis by changing the value of water content of the soil from 5% to 30%. For this part of the problem, create a table in Excel with values of water content and then call your function to calculate the void ratio. Plot the results in Excel and label the axes accordingly.

Problem 3 (Truss) – 10 Points – (worksheet 3)

In a statically determinate truss with pin joints, the tension Fi in each member can be obtained from the matrix equation presented in you excel file (the equations result from setting the sum of all forces acting horizontally or vertically at each pin equal to zero).

Solve for the force vector U where K U =F.

Problem 4 (flowchart) – 22 Points

Develop a pseudo-code (draw a flowchart) for the problem below:

The program takes a vector a and a number b, and counts how many number b exists in the vector. Therefore, there are two input entries, and one output entries.

For example, the vector a=[ 1 2 4 2.1 4 3.5 6 1.5 4], and the number b is 4. The output for this example is 3.

Possibly, you can have a third input entry as the size of the vector.

Please note that you need to develop the pseudo-code for a general case, any vector and any number.

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