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To consolidate profit and loss statements from Region 5 (Illinois and Iowa) Tibetan Grill franchises into a single summary report and to compare each store’s profit and loss statement against industry benchmarks.

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Total SalesTotal Sales measures the income from the sale of food and beverage menu items at the franchise.
Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)Cost of Goods Sold measures the raw material cost for food and beverage; increasing as sales volume increases.
Payroll CostsPayroll Costs measures the cost of salaries, wages, employee benefits, and payroll taxes.
Prime CostsPrime Costs measures the sum of COGS and Payroll Costs and is considered the largest area of expenditure for the franchise with typically about 2/3rds of expenses coming from Prime Costs.
Operating CostsOperating Costs measures the expenses required for franchise operation not directly related to COGS and Payroll Costs.
Controllable ProfitControllable Profit is profit considering only those  expense factors under the franchise’s direct control (Prime Costs and Operating Costs).
Occupancy CostsOccupancy Costs are expenses directly related to occupancy of the franchise space, including rent, property taxes, and insurance.
InterestInterest measures the amount paid in interest of loans to fund the purchase and operation of the franchise; it does not include payments made to pay off the principal of any loan.
DepreciationDepreciation measures the amount by which the franchise’s material assets (cooking equipment, seating space, infrastructure) decline in value.
Pretax ProfitPretax Profit is the restaurant profit, calculated by subtracting Prime Costs, Operating Expenses, Occupancy Costs, Interest, and Depreciation from Total Sales.  Successfully-run franchises should show a Pretax Profit of at least 4% of their Total Sales.

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