How to post a job on PureAssignment

How to share your homework & assignments on PureAssignment

This blog post is written to help you understand how to post a job on PureAssignment. You can either watch the short youtube video above or read the text instruction below. If you face with any problem, do not hesitate to use contact form or email us.

After you log in to your account you will see a “Post a Job” button on the left side of your name. Click on it!

While sharing your homework details in order to get help, try to give as much accurate information as you can.

First, write a descriptive “Job Title”. A “Job title” is the first thing that freelancers will see.

Then, select “Paper Format”. We have APA, Chicago, Harvard and MLA format options. If you don’t know what they are, select MLA format for writing assignments and “No Template” if you don’t have any preferences.

Next, you should select “Job Size” for your homework. Minimum size unit is 0.5 pages & 150 words or 30 minutes of work hour and the minimum price that one can place an order for it is $5. We will get back to pricing later. Let’s go with 3 pages.

All freelancers in Pureassignment have at least associate’s degree in a field. If you want your freelancer to have a specific degree in your field, you can select it as freelancer type.

After that, you have an option to select preferred English level of the freelancer. If your professor is so strict about grammar and typo mistakes, you may want to select proficient level.

Assignment expiry date and assignment deadline are different. If you select an expiry date, freelancers won’t be able to send their proposals to work on your order. On the other hand, deadline is the last date you can submit your homework.

On pureassignment, clients determine an initial price for their work. You can either select fixed price, or hourly based price for your project.

As Job categories, there are more than 150 categories on Pureassignment. Select categories that describes your homework the best.

After you select required languages, it is time to write a short job detail. On Job details, try to give as much information as possible. Do not forget to write assignment’s exact deadline with your country’s timezone.
And finally, Do not share dashboard credentials on “Job Details”. You will have a chance to share it with assigned freelancer via Inbox after you hire an expert for your homework.

Do not forget to select required skills for your project. Freelancers who have these skills will get a notification when you post the job.

Finally, upload all helpful assignment files. These files can be full instructions, evaluation rubric, example file or the textbook. DO NOT FORGET TO enable attachments. If you do not enable attachments, freelancers won’t be able to see attached files. We don’t want that, do we?

Click to “Save & Update” button and you are good to go!

That is all you need to do to post a job on Pureassignment. We will send an email notification when your project gets a proposal from our freelancers.

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