How to Trust An Online Service Provider?

We are living in a time that a 16 yo. teenager can imply to be the president of United States; and still get away with it. Since it is almost impossible to trust anyone on the internet, it must be quite scary for many people to work with an online service provider for the first time. You might be asking; how can I know they will not block me after I send the money? Is there a way to do it safely?

We are here to answer your questions.

easy tips to avoid scam

Importance of Privacy in e-Shopping for Service

E-shopping does not necessarily have to be about a product. It can also be about a service. For example, we are giving assignment help & homework help service online. And as a person who is highly involved in this industry, I can not stress enough the importance of privacy in assignment help business. Privacy is important both for clients and us; as the service provider. Our clients share confidential information such as their college dashboard credentials, professor’s emails (as a part of instructions) even phone numbers of professors of the course. All this information must be kept private. This requires high level of trust between client, service provider and assigned freelancers.

How to Know I am not Gonna Be Blocked After I Pay?

I must say, Assignment help business is a dangerous business area. For example, many payment processors do not accept ‘essay mill’ business model due to high level of risk. It is mainly because there are too many frauds & cancellations in the industry, as well as legal issues that put payment processors in trouble. At this point, it is up to clients to make a good research before paying anything.

There are a few questions that can help you avoid being scammed during e-Shooping for service.

  1. Is the website a real (official) business? Yes, you can create a website, imply to be a business, and collect money internationally without being an official business. With the fast development of internet and technology, it became impossible to track what people do. However, there are things you can do to protect yourself. Search for the website footer, or go to the ‘About’ page to see if they are a real business. Look for proof; and be consistent with it. If it all looks like a scam, it probably is a scam.
  2. How fast can you get a reply from the support team? Try to find an actual human interlocutor.
  3. Quality of support team members represent the quality of experts. Chat a little with the support employee. Does he text grammatically correct? Does he know the subject or more specifically; related terms & headings that you are about the place an order?
  4. Can you get a huge discount? If they tell you they can help you for $100 and still accept $30 for it, be careful because you are likely to get scammed.
  5. Even if a website has a professional look and ranks up high in the google search results, they can still be a fraud. Unluckily, there is no reliable feedback platform for online services. Thus, you couldn’t even know if they are frauds. So, check their social media & blogging activities. How often do they write a blog, upload a YouTube video, or post a picture on the Instagram? A dead social media management means danger for an online business.
  6. Can you find an actual human-being as the interlocutor throughout the website or social media accounts? It is important to see at least 1 face in social media accounts or in the website tutorial video. If there is only animations and a robotic; google translate type of sound on the background, you are possibly against with an amateur website. Watch out for threats.

We Need to Trust Clients Too

As the homework help service provider, trust issue is a problem for us as well.

Clients sometimes place order while they are driving, while at work or during class. We sometimes take action in urgent projects before we even receive the payment. This requires us to trust the customer with the payment and assign one of our experts to work on the project.

If that customer decides to cancel, we; as the service provider still have to pay for the expert’s time we booked. This puts us in a dangerous position from financial perspective.

Even that we have had many clients with bad attitude (cancelling payments after they get service, etc.); who tries to take advantage of our good behavior, we are always trying hard to be positive to new clients.

Why Half-payment Before, and Half-payment After Work is Not Good?

Clients sometimes propose to pay half payment before work; and half payment when the job is done. This brings out the question; who should trust who? The online service provider can possibly block the client after receiving the money; as well as client might want to cancel the order after they placed it. Even if there is a half payment paid, the other unpaid half just removes possibility of any profit; as well as causing financial damage. In the end, one side have to trust on the other side; and from a logical point of view, it is smarted for clients to trust websites. If the website blocks you, you can legally comply about their poor service. On the other hand, we; as the service providers, do not have any information about online customers. There is no privacy policy & terms of use, or laws that protects websites against customers with bad attitudes. In the end, it is all about making your research good and if everything seems right, taking your chance with it.

In case you need help with school work such as writing, online tests, assignments, etc. always feel free to visit our homepage, view our instagram profile and then contact with PureAssignment’s support team to get your papers done in a safe environment.

Be safe out there!


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