Dashboard Assignment Help: All you need to know

Dashboard Assignment Help : All you need to know

Dashboard Assignment Help

Dashboard Assignment Help: Introduction of our platform and policies

First of all, we recommend you to read privacy policy to be aware of our policies. Please consider this article as your internship or first day at this job.
Secondly, make sure you read and understand this article before you accept your first real assignment. It contains everything about dashboard assignment Help. You may also want to visit our instagram account to see successfully delivered works! Let’s start!

Dashboard Assignment Help: Dashboard Assignments

It is hard to imagine a type of human activity which has affected by digitalization more than education. Today, students do not need to be in a classroom to learn. You all must hurt “eLearning”. Different kinds of assignments are being received and transmitted via Internet. That is the reason of why dashboard assignments are so important.

Dashboard assignments are a considerable part of the order flow on our platform. These include (but not limited to);

This course will help you successfully resolve any difficulties you might encounter while working on dashboard assignments.

As a freelancer, you know that time is of the essence. This course article will help you spend much less time on figuring how to install VPN or find a task on the dashboard, allowing you to dedicate yourself to the thing that you do well: freelancing and earning money!

Dashboard assignments: key features and requirements

Dashboards are the common term for websites used by educational facilities for remote education and eLearning in general.

Dashboard assignments are orders you have to upload to client’s dashboard. (Only if it is specified at order description).

The freelancers have to upload the proof of the completed assignment to the final paper section.

It is obligatory to use VPN to ensure the security of freelancer’s and client’s personal information.

The credentials for client’s dashboard are provided upon order acceptance.

It is not recommended to access any irrelevant materials/courses while you are on the dashboard.

Do not forget to log out after you complete the necessary tasks.

Dashboard assignment Help: regular working procedure

1. Accept the order

2. Locate dashboard credentials

3. Enable client’s country IP using VPN service

4. Login to the dashboard using provided credentials

5. Complete the google assignment on client’s dashboard. (at least 70% success is necessary or you will be fined!)

6. Make a screenshot (or any other proof) of the completed assignment

7. Send the proof to the client.

Dashboard assignment Help: credentials

Credentials (client’s username & email and password) are required to access client’s dashboard. Client will provide this after you are hired (Check your inbox in 2 munutes).

Credentials can be found in “Inbox” section on your dashboard. If dashboard credentials are missing & not provided you have to contact with the client by using “inbox”. If you still can’t reach out to the dashboard credentials after 2 minutes, contact Support Team by using contact form as soon as possible.

Credentials consist of 3 parts;

  1. a link to the dashboard or name of the dashboard
  2. client’s login id, username, email
  3. client’s password

Here’s how dashboard credentials look like when you open an order in your profile;

credentials for freelancer - Dashboard Assignment help


credentials for freelancer

Dashboard assignment Help: clarifications

Though the freelancers should always ask for clarifications in unclear orders, we can’t but stress it once again speaking of dashboard assignments. Some dashboard tasks can be timed or available during the limited amount of time. In such situations, it is crucial to clarify any peculiarities beforehand.

Here are some common situations that might require clarifications for a Dashboard Homework help

Client’s credentials

if you can’t locate client’s credentials or you can’t access the dashboard using them, do not try to insert incorrect credentials repeatedly. Contact with the client as soon as possible.

Dashboard interface

Some dashboard websites might have a confusing interface. Contact with the client if you have difficulties finding the task on the dashboard. Never submit your assignment if you are not sure it’s the right task.

Timed and scheduled tasks

Some dashboard assignments (i.e. tests and quizzes) can be timed means that you will have limited time to complete the task. Other assignments are scheduled. Such assignments might be available later. Always clarify when and where scheduled tasks become available.

Multiple assignments

Sometimes, dashboard orders require multiple tasks to be completed. Usually, multiple assignments are required in case of a discussion post + peer replies to other posts. Notify client if you believe you have doubts what tasks to complete.

In case of dashboard assignments, dispute section on your dashboard is the best way to communicate with our support team about a specific order (assignment). Do not report the same issue multiple times.

Important Reminder: Your inbox is the fastest and only way you should communicate with a client. Do not (ever) use client’s own contact information. If client freaks out about your mail, or clients report your message, or our support team detect you are trying to communicate with a client outside our website, your account may be banned permanently without any payouts.
It is also mentioned in our Privacy Policy. Either support team or any freelancer cannot use any client’s personal data outside our website. You are not allowed to use, publish, save, store, share any job-related data outside our website. You may be sued for such action.

Dashboard Assignment Help: VPN Services

All dashboard assignments require a VPN service to be turned on. It is necessary to protect both client’s and freelancer’s personal information and ensure anonymity. Although installing a VPN service does not take more than 5 minutes, it’s completely free secure, some questions still might arise. So, this lecture will help you understand everything about the most convenient VPN tools and show how to install them.

First, let’s start with the basic definition and key features of a VPN.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is software that creates a virtual ip that is assigned to a chosen country, and encrypts user’s data. VPN services are widely used by businesses and private individual mainly for data security and anonymity purposes.

VPN key features

  • can be installed as a browser extension, a separate program on PC, or an app on the mobile device.
  • free with a paid subscription option (that is not required for completing DB tasks). Only a free version is needed to work on dashboard assignments.

N.B.: VPN is obligatory for all dashboard assignments. Double-check if VPN is turned on before accessing client’s dashboard. Make sure to choose client’s country ip.

People sometimes confuse VPN with other services and are worried about the security of the product. We decided to break several myths about VPN to make sure you are totally aware of what it is and what is it not.

VPN is not;

These are third-party products developed by other companies.

  • a spy software

It does not share your info with Pure Assignment or any other companies. On the opposite, VPN services are originally designed to provide better data encryption.

  • a virus

If you download VPN software from official websites/app stores, they are virus-free.

  • a paid service

As we mentioned above; you do not need to pay anything in order to use basic VPN services for dashboard assignments.

We Recommend;

You can use any VPN service that can create ip address assigned to client’s country. However, we have a couple of useful recommendations for you:

  • Hola and Zenmate are the best, free VPN tools.

They have a user-friendly interface, are easy to install, and do not have bugs. Here’s how they look like:

Pictures of VPNs


Pictures of VPNs

  • Use VPN as a browser extension

Do not waste time on downloading the program and installing it into your computer or laptop. Adding a browser extension is completely enough for our security purposes + it saves time)

  • Have at least 2 VPNs installed

We recommend you always have a “plan-B”. Even in case one of your browser extensions temporarily shuts down/does not respond, you still can continue working by using another tool you have at hand!

Dashboard Assignment Help: Installing a VPN browser is easy!

Here’s a couple of our tips on how to install a VPN in the most popular web browsers.

VPN in Chrome:

1. Find a VPN service on Google webstore

2. Click “Add to Chrome”

3. Some VPN services (such as ZenMate or aws Open VPN) require registration on their website

4. Turn on your VPN software, and choose a required country

VPN in Opera:

1. Find a VPN service on Opera addons

2. Click “Add to Opera”

3. Some VPN services (such as ZenMate or remote access VPN) require registration on their website

4. Turn on your VPN software, and choose a required country.

Dashboard Assignment Help: Different Types

Discussion Posts & Peer Replies

Discussion posts, peer replies, and other types of written assignments are usual learning exercises of online education. The requirements for these tasks may vary significantly. So, it’s always of the uttermost importance to check the instructions in the instructions field of an order and the requirements client has mentioned at the client dashboard to make sure that the task is completely clear.

Discussion posts

In many cases the requirements related to dashboard posts are less strict as compared to the standards of academic writing. Nevertheless, some tasks might be tricky. Do not let yourself fall under a wrong impression about the order.

What is a discussion post?

Discussion post is a form of learning process on dashboards. Students discuss a specific chapter/book/topic suggested by the professor and post their replies in threads/comments.

Key features

  • Though discussion posts have less strict formatting and structure requirements than standard academic essays, be sure to cite all the information you use and proofread carefully;
  • Be polite, do not offend other participants. Always make sure to use neutral voice;
  • Word count of discussion posts can vary between 50 and 500 words. Considering this, always stay on topic and make you posts as informative as possible. Keep track of the number of words you submit an remember that any deviation might have bad results such as fine, penalty depending on the individual task requirements.

Peer replies

Peer replies are also used during forum discussions. They allow students to react to others’ posts and engage into the conversation. Other students will also provide peer replies to your original post or to any of your replies.

Key features

  • When the student makes a discussion posts, other students have to reply to this post.
  • Peer replies do not usually exceed 200 words. Hence, always keep in mind that your main goal is to analyze and react to the claims made in the initial post.
  • Always start your peer replies with words of appreciation. Thank the author of original post, even if you do not agree with their original claims.
  • Usually, you do not have to cite anything in your peer reply. Replies should always contain a reaction to the points highlighted in the original post.

Dashboard Assignment Help: Timed vs. Non-Timed Quizzes

Quizzes and tests are a completely different form of assignment comparing to writing. Though they may seem confusing at the first glance, only few simple rules will help you become an expert in this type of assignments.

Timed Quizzes and Tests

Timed Quizzes are quizzes you should complete within a limited amount of time. Usually, the timer starts once you press a button that starts a quiz.

Cover specific topics/sources

Timed quizzes assess student’s understanding of a particular phenomenon, topic, article or even a book chapter. As a rule, the sources and issues under consideration are presented in the dashboard. So, before starting a quiz take a look at the available material, they might help you complete the test with flying colors.

Time constraints

Time designated to complete the quiz can be different: from 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the number of questions and complexity. However, your time will always be more than average time you need to answer the questions. Try to calculate how much time you have for each question.

If the time is running out but there are plenty of questions; always try to answer all of them. (even if you do not know the answer) before the time ends! All unanswered questions will count as incorrect.

Multiple and single choice tests

As a rule, quizzes contain tests only. However, if there is an open-ended question, be sure to check how long the reply should be.

Multiple and single attempt tests

Sometimes, you have several attempts to complete a timed quiz (only the highest score becomes a final result). Read both description of assignment on dashboard and at pureassignment carefully to not to miss any data.

Also, check attached files. If you could not find the information on the number of attempts by yourself, please contact with the client.

N.B.: Do not forget to take a screenshot of the final result and send it to the client.

Non-Timed Quizzes and Tests

Non-timed quizzes and tests are usually related with STEM and the reason of their existence is to check student’s skills in calculation and practical application of previously acquired skills. However, non-timed quizzes can cover humanities and liberal arts and contain open-ended questions.

Cover broad topics

Unlike timed quizzes, such assignment does not usually cover specific learning materials. Instead, non-timed quizzes may cover a specific theme or a broader topic that requires extensive knowledge. Still, always check learning materials available on the dashboard!

No-time constraints

With no timer ticking, you have lots of time for research! If you do not know the answer to the question right away, you can always analyze peer-reviewed, academic sources using standard tools, such as google scholar.

Open-ended questions

Non-timed quizzes may contain some open-ended questions. Do not forget to proofread your written replies and always keep your answer organized and on-topic.

Evaluation peculiarities

If some open-ended questions are present, the final score for the quiz will include tests only. Professors usually grade open-ended questions later.

Problem-solving and calculations

Problem solving and calculations have lots of similarities with tests and quizzes covered in the previous lecture. One way or another, such assignments do not usually require research, but profound knowledge in a particular field.

Problem Solving

Problem solving assignments test student’s ability to apply previously acquired knowledge to resolve a problem. Unlike calculation assignments, problem solving implies using specific theories and formulas.

Key features

  • Most problem-solving assignments cover natural sciences and geometry.
  • Calculations are generally related with problem-solving assignments.
  • Some problems also include graphs, images and other ways of visual representation of information. If the images are of a low quality, contact with support team.


Calculations are assignment types that does not require any specific problem to be solved. Instead, only calculation skills are evaluated in this case. Usually, while solving an assignment based on calculations, you have to type your answers.

IMPORTANT: Pay attention to formatting and decimal requirements!

Milestone Assignments

Assignments with milestone are not available the moment you accept the order. Such tasks require special attention and cooperation with the client & support team.

Assignments with milestone: basics

Assignments with milestone can be tests, quizzes and other dashboard tasks that will be available later. For example, you need to complete several dashboard posts within the week, but only one post has to be completed per day 🙂

Things you need to know

  • If order instructions state that there should not be any milestone to complete, but you notice them at the dashboard, it is necessary to notify the support team and client immediately.
  • Contact the support team if you have any doubts that scheduled task is not paid properly.
  • Set a reminder about any scheduled tasks you have to submit to make sure you plan your time properly.
  • If there is a considerable time delay between the assignments, you can spend this time preparing for the next assignment. This would only increase your chances of getting an excellent grade at the dashboard, a good score from the client.

Dashboard Assignment Help: Different dashboard interfaces


This section of the course covers the most popular dashboards you are to work with. Every lecture in this section covers the basic feature and gives useful tips per one dashboard type. Do not skip the lectures, as each and every dwell upon the important issues one may face and provides solutions. In this lecture we will cover the most popular dashboard called Blackboard+.

Blackboard+ is a private company by itself. It provides dashboard services for universities like bronx community college blackboard, everglades university blackboard, alvernia blackboard, rasmussen blackboard, blackboard west coast university, oncordia blackboard, etc.

Blackboard+ is a learning management system. Lots of colleges and universities use them. you will see its layout & functionality on websites of many orders in our pool.

Blackboard+ interface

  • The general interface overlay might vary in different institutions. However, you should always look for the list of enrolled courses.
  • Press on the course name to access all additional materials and dashboard assignments affiliated with the course.
  • Once you access the course, you will see all chapter/units that are included in the course. Press on the chapter name to view the all assignments and materials related to the chapter. Check the screenshots to get its visual representation.

blackboard+ inteface - Dashboard Assignment help


inteface of blackboard+

How-to: order submission on the Blackboard+?

  1. Open the assignment. On the upload assignment page, review the instructions, due date, points possible, and download any files associated with this task.
  2. Select “write submission” to expand the area where you can type your submission. You can use the options in the editor to format the text. You have creative control over how your content appears and the flexibility to change the order and appearance.
  3. Select “browse my computer” to upload a file from your computer.

submission process


submission process

Useful Links

Blackboard+ knowledge base that contains all the necessary information connected to this dashboard.

Assignments overview video that describes the process of working with assignments on dashboard.

Video on submission of tasks to Blackboard+

FAQ on BlackBoard+.

blackboard+ widget and my courses section - dashboard assignment help


widgets and my courses section of blackboard+

blackboard+ modules


blackboard+ modules

blackboard+ interface, place of quiz


blackboard+ interface, place of quiz

After that, click “begin” or “start test” to start. If there is timing for assignment, you will be able to read those conditions before you click “begin”. Prepare for it and make sure your VPN is on!

GPU interface

In this lecture we will analyze the peculiarities of a GCU (stands for Grand Canyon University) dashboard. Just like Blackboard+; Many educational facilities uses GPU and also It’s popular among our clients. On this dashboard, all assignments will be on the course page (this is one of the peculiar features of Connexus DB that will be reviewed in the next lectures).

GCU: Choose the course

  • Once you log in, choose one of the courses from the list on the left of your screen.
  • Course name will be given by the client in job details. If not and you need clarification, do not hesitate to ask twice, maybe third 🙂

GPU interface


GPU interface

  • There are several sections on the course page, each dedicated to one of the assignment types.
  • On the screenshot, you can see a section dedicated to discussion posts.
  • Scroll down to find quiz and test sections.

GPU interface - dashboard assignment help


gpu interface

Useful links for GCU


Instructure is another widely used dashboard interface. It is very intuitive and allows you to find the needed material with ease.

Instructure: the interface

  • Firstly, you have to make sure that you are accessing the right dashboard/course.
  • Click on the “dashboard” icon on the left interface panel.
  • Choose the necessary dashboard.
  • You will be redirected to the “courses” Section.
  • Do not try to access “courses” first! In Instructure, there may be multiple dashboards with different courses.
  • Assignments are not connected to a specific chapter;
  • Each type of the assignment (i.e. discussions and quizzes) has it own page, where you can find all tasks of this type regardless of chapter.

Instructure interface


Instructure interface

How to find and submit the task

  • On the right of the screen, you will find the list of all tasks of this type.
  • Click on the assignment. If it is a quiz, submission process is all automatic. If it is a discussion, press “reply” below the starting post to submit a discussion.

Instructure interface - dashboard assignment help



Instructure interface




D2L Brightspace is another rather popular dashboard interface. It offers user-friendly interface and convenient way to access all assignments of the specific course

D2L Brightspace: interface

  • Brightspace interface structure is “course-assignment type-task”, i.e. you have to choose a course to view all assignments associated with it.
  • Pay attention to the course dates: it will help you find the necessary course faster.
  • Brightspace starting page includes course list. Select the necessary course.
  • Once you select the course, a top bar will appear, containing all assignments, discussions, and quizzes affiliated with this course.
  • In Brightspace, course assignments divided into categories: discussions, quizzes, etc.
  • Press the corresponding top bar section to view the lists of tasks.
  • Select the needed task.

Brightspace interface


Brightspace interface


Along with Blackboard+, canvas is one of the most popular dashboard interfaces. Numerous educational institutions use it. One of the advantages of canvas is the user’s ability to access all the pending assignments in one place.

Canvas: interface

  • Global activity steam: includes all notifications, announcements, and activities in progress.
  • Sidebar: contains upcoming and ongoing assignments. This is the main interface element used for finding the needed task on the dashboard.
  • Global navigation: use this bar to access the course lists and the full list of all assignments.

Canvas interface for Dashboard Assignment help


Canvas interface

Canvas: useful links

A complete FAQ on canvas interface;

Canvas quizzes guide

Canvas dashboard guide


Connexus dashboard might contain a vast variety of assignments. Still, it is most commonly used for problem solving tasks. Connexus has also a very user-friendly interface, making it easy to locate the required assignment.

Connexus: find the required course

  • To find a needed course on Connexus, simply press “my courses” and choose the course from the list.
  • The course name usually indicates the subject it is dedicated to: i.e., US history, physics, etc.
  • The grade relates to the whole course, not only the assignment you have completed or going to complete.

connexus interface - Dashboard Assignment help


connexus interface

Connexus: find and submit the assignment

  • After you access the necessary course, you would see the list of all pages connected to this course on the left of the screen. These include chapter, additional materials, tests and discussions. On the right, you can see the contents of the chosen page.
  • There are some symbols that might help you find the needed discussion (“D” symbol), quiz (“Q”) or test (“T”). Open the corresponding page to access the needed assignment.
  • Scroll at the end of the Module page to view the assignments. Quizzes and tests will be submitted automatically upon completion. Other assignments (such as discussions) can be submitted via discussion page. Press “submit” to upload an original discussion post, and press “reply” to provide a response to already existing discussion post.

connexus interface


connexus interface

Other Popular Dashboards

You never know what kind of dashboard interface you will have to use next. There are lots of different interfaces, but all of them are intuitive and easy to understand once you learn the basic features of each interface. This lecture will cover less popular but still relevant for you dashboards, such as Moodle, D2L, Acellus, ALEKS, bitdefender dashboard, myob dashboard or myob partner dashboard in another words.


  • Moodle is a universal dashboard interface used by many educational facilities.
  • To access the course list, press “my courses” at the top left of the screen once you log in.
  • Choose the necessary course.
  • You will see the list of the course tasks on the left.

moodle interface


moodle interface


  • D2L is one of the most convenient dashboard interfaces: all instruments you may need are located on the top panel of the dashboard.
  • Press grid symbol to choose the needed course.
  • Click “discussions” or “assignments” to find the necessary task affiliated with the course.

d2l interface - Dashboard assignment help


d2l interface


  • Acellus is usually used by high schools, that is why this interface is very simple to use.
  • Once you log in, you will be redirected to the list of available classes.
  • Choose the required class.
  • Find the necessary assignment from the list.

acellus interface - dashboard assignment help


acellus interface


  • Aleks is a dashboard that specializes on math assignments.
  • Similarly, to other dashboards, you have to choose a course first.
  • However, each course is represented in a form of a progress, and each task is considered a step-in completion of the course.
  • Press “continue my path” to view the next task in the course. Then, press “start” on the task page.

aleks interface


aleks interface

Aleks interface - dashboard assignment help


aleks interface

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Dashboard Assignment Help

During your work on dashboard assignment, different questions may arise. This lecture provides the answers to most common inquiries.

Where can I download VPN for my browser?

A: It depends on the browser you have. Our platform performs best in Chrome, so here are the links to ZenMate extension and Hola VPN for Chrome.

What should I do if no dashboard credentials were provided?

A: Use Inbox after at most 2 minutes to communicate with the problem. If the order is urgent, contact with both the Support Team and client via disputes or inbox.

I have completed the quiz with some open-ended questions but the overall score is lower than I expected. What’s happening?

A: If the task contains both tests and open-ended questions, only tests will be automatically graded after you finish the task. Professors usually grade open-ended questions later.

I have completed a dashboard assignment. What should I do next?

A: Great! Now, upload a screenshot (or any other proof) of the completed task to the Final Paper Section. If it is a test, make sure that the name of the assignment and the overall score are clearly visible. If it is a dashboard writing task, just make a screenshot of the post/reply you’ve submitted.

Can the client ask for a revision for dashboard assignment?

A: Yes. Though most of the dashboard tasks disallow editing, some of them can be available to revise after submission or they can be available for re-attempt. In this case, freelancer must revise / re-attempt if success score or completion percentage is not at least 70% or freelancer will be fined.

Can I access the dashboard without using VPN?

A: No. It is strictly prohibited, and can endanger both writer’s and client’s data security.

Can I access dashboard after I complete the order to view the results?

A: No. You should log in the dashboard only to complete the assignment. It’s against the policy you have accepted while you’re registering and you can even be sued for such action.

Can I download any order-related files from the dashboard?

A: Yes. It may include client’s rubric, reading materials, etc.

What should I do if the volume of work in the order does not match actual volume of work on the dashboard?

A: Inform us using dispute section.

Typical Problems and Solutions of Dashboard Assignment Help

Sometimes, you can encounter specific issues while working on the dashboard order. However, most of them can be easily fixed on spot. This lecture will describe the most common issues and provide solutions, so you do not feel frustrated in case you face any of them.

List of typical problems and solutions

Incorrect credentials

Problem: User’s credentials are incorrect. You can’t login into the dashboard.

Solution: Always copy-paste (not type!) credentials. Check login and password for redundant spaces. If the problem persists, report it to the Issue Resolution Center.

Dashboard is unavailable

Problem: Dashboard is currently unavailable/cannot connect to dashboard server.

Solution: VPN is the most possible explanation for this issue. Check your internet connection and VPN settings. Make sure that you have enabled the right country ip in VPN. Try different VPN service is the problem persists.

Assignment not found

Problem: I can’t find mentioned assignment on client’s dashboard.

Solution: Send a message using inbox to the client and ask him/her by yourself. Remember to provide the screenshot of the dashboard interface. Ask the client if it is possible to provide a direct link to the required task.

Assignment not available

Problem: The assignment is not yet available, though order description does not mention that the assignments can be scheduled.

Solution: Report the problem via issue resolution center. If the issue is urgent, contact the support team.

Extension is needed

Problem: I’ve been busy with the other orders, and need to ask for an extension.

Solution: You can ask for an extension the same way as in the non-dashboard tasks. Use your inbox. If client does not agree with your request, try to finish assignment in given time! You must know that freelancers should only accept orders that they are 100% sure they can finish. If you still can’t, contact with the support team.

If you say I need help with my dashboard assignment, we are here to help you with all of your dashboard assignments. Including management, healthcare, finance & accounting, economics, excel, statistics, chemistry assignment help and other +150 categories!


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