Payoneer Update

Payoneer Update

We have some Payoneer update (good news) for those of you who use Payoneer pre-paid cards for receiving payments: you can already withdraw your funds to your local bank account, make payments, and manage currencies.

You can withdraw the funds on your card to your local bank account, at ATMs, spend them online and in-store, and make payments.

Payoneer update is in the process of enabling new funds to add to the cards. They are doing this in phases and will notify you when it takes effect for your account, so please make sure to keep an eye out for an e-mail from Payoneer.

Until you receive that confirmation; your card balance won’t receive new payments and they will continue going to your Payoneer account balance from which you can withdraw money as usual.

From our side, we have completed multiple transactions and withdrawals using Payoneer accounts and the money has successfully reached its destination. So, all your withdrawal requests to Payoneer will be the same as usual.

Since Payoneer, our business partner’s affects our payouts, we wanted to alert you with their update.

Payoneer withdrawals

Payoneer has 2 options to send your money to you.

  • Withdrawal to your local bank

This feature was already existed. You can withdrawal to your local bank account. Payoneer gets approximately 0.2 commission for currency conversion process. They claim this amount also includes other expenses (taxes, local bank’s commission, etc.) It’s best for you to make a research about your country’s policy.

  • Payoneer card

This is another feature of Payoneer. You can get a physical Payoneer card (just like paypal, local bank or cc.) and use local ATM’s to take your money. At this point, it is important to find the right ATM which is capable to give money in US dollars. ATM’s or Payoneer don’t conversion money.

So far so good, Payoneer update doesn’t change anything!

Nothing has changed with our Terms of use. For further notifications, please constantly check your mails.

Since our support team does not have calling feature, mails are the only way we contact with you. Please regularly check your mailbox to not to miss anything!

You can check out full Payoneer statement regarding the latest development here.

Wirecard payoneer update
Wirecard payoneer update


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