The only Plagiarism-free Writing Tip You Will Ever Need

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to write a sentence that has not written before. Before writing, we all make a little google research; read a couple of blogs, check Wikipedia and review some academic sources. The words we read gets into our subconscious and affects the way we think, act, and write. This makes it really hard for plagiarism-free writing.

How Do We End Up with High Plagiarism Results?

Even though we don’t want to plagiarize, the phases we read, the keywords we learned from research comes out of our subconscious. And even if plagiarism is not intended, together with a couple of copy & paste, it returns us with a paper with at least 10% plagiarism.

Today, AI systems of search engines are really smart. Most people don’t use in-text citation and references section as they copy paste a sentence. Search engines detects the similarity; and investigates plagiarism thoroughly. If there is major similarity, you get a high plagiarism result.

Why Keeping a Low Plagiarism is Important?

By almost all academic facilities universities and colleges, copy & paste is considered as a serious academic misconduct, and there are high penalties for it. For blog posts and website writings, search engines use crawlers and AI systems to detect plagiarism; and prioritize showing what is unique original. So, the first goal is to avoid any penalty. Second of all, the goal of plagiarism concept is to is to reduce duplication to keep a clean environment on the internet. If there were no such thing as plagiarism, it would be almost impossible to find what you are looking for on the internet. So, plagiarism is not your enemy, as long as you know how it works.

How Do I Know If My Paper Will Be Checked For Plagiarism?

We live in a technology-oriented era. If you see the word “Turnitin” in literally anywhere (dashboard, instructions document, etc.), it means it will be checked. Only if you study in a small university in Europe, your professors may not be using plagiarism checker. However, they can still detect if you steal ideas & words or answers from your classmates & older generations.

What percentage of Plagiarism is Acceptable?

We would suggest keeping it around 6-10% plagiarism level, which is the acceptable interval for an average writing. However, if your paper is too short (below 300 words) and so, percentage result seems higher due to the plagiarized area’s size in the pie, approximately 16-20% plagiarism can be acceptable.

Besides that, if you didn’t use in-text citations successfully after each plagiarized sentence, it may return a high percentage result even if you include the source in the references section. At this point, a quick revision by adding in-text citations can help you achieve plagiarism-free writing.

Best Method to Avoid Plagiarism 100%

As an assignment help service provider, almost all of the free plagiarism-checker websites do not work. And the premium ones require monthly subscriptions; or request to charge around $4-5 for a simple paper. Before things come to this point, there are 2 things you can do.

First option is to learn how to avoid plagiarism, how to use citations and in-text citations, how to paraphrase and avoid copy & pasting. If you have suspicions that your paper may have plagiarism in it, move to the second option.

The second option is to get professional help. If you haven’t started writing, you can get help with plagiarism-free writing by an online service provider platform such as It would be wise to get professional help to not leave it to chance.


Author Since: 08/08/2020

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