What is Assignment Help?

What is assignment help?

If you are asking who can help me with my homework assignments; you are on the right page! But first, let’s start with the definition of assignment help.

Assignment help is the process of knowledge flow between an expert, tutor or writer to a client. Experts are usually well-educated people who has a degree on related field. You may be asking, how come a complete stranger can help me with my work while I can’t even properly know how to do it?

There is a term called learning curve. The term is used to describe the inverse relationship between experience and duration of a job (how long it takes to complete a task). Basically, more you do a job, shorter time it takes to do it. Our experienced freelancers do similar projects all the time. For that reason, our freelancers know what professors like and how to get high scores.

How does online assignment helps work?

Since almost all assignment & tests and discussion posts are managed through a dashboard in these days, our tutors can easily help clients get the best online assignment service. In general, there are two types of assignment help we provide on PureAssignment.

Helping Assignments on Online Dashboard Portal

Among all the assignment help projects, dashboard assignments are the hardest ones to manage. There are many reasons for that. First of all, helping a client directly through his/her dashboard requires perfect time management. There are usually sharp due dates for assignments and discussion posts, and even sharper timings for tests & quizzes. Both client and freelancer should be available at the same time to make sure there won’t be any problem with login processes. Sometimes clients login to dashboards and send pictures of questions, while sometimes we login and take the tests & quizzes ourselves. It depends on the type of the project. If the test requires proctorio, camera, special browser, etc. security; or if client is taking the test in-class, they send us pictures to get help. Otherwise, we login and do the dirty work. We have a detailed article which you can find literally everything you need. It has interface of all dashboard types, where to find active courses ,etc. Long story short, every freelancer must read Dashboard assignment Help : All you need to know to find everything they will need.

Other Assignment Types

On Pure assignment, we provide all types of services. Programming, writing, academic writing, paraphrasing, researching, analyses, problem-solving, etc. are only some of services we provide on PureAssignment. What makes PureAssignment different is that other assignment help platforms directly communicate with you and so, they don’t let you talk with the expert you hire. If you want to ask a little question to understand the logic of the subject, you can’t. Do you want to know if so called ‘expert’ you are about to hire is actually the expert of the subject? You can’t, because they won’t let you know who you hire. Instead, you speak with a person who knows literally nothing about your subject. At this point, one should question their so called ‘reputation’.

Pure assignment gives 100% pure & transparent educational support by allowing clients to directly communicate with their experts. It is our top priority to ensure healthy communication between freelancers and clients.

Why Should You get Assignment Help?

There are many reasons to get help with your projects. I must say, we mostly help international students who works and studies at the same time; especially in Canada and USA. Studying, earning money and doing thousands of assignments at the same time while dealing with learning a new language is a challanging life-style. No matter where you look, t is almost impossible to deal with all of these tasks alone; especially while you are in a whole new land. That is exactly where Pureassignment gets in to the equation to help people. We help students with their assignments while they can focus on work, earning money and learning English in their foreign country. With this way, they will not have to do all 4 works alone. 

You may be asking this, if I am going to work and pay what I earn to Pureassignment to do my work, how is this going to benefit me? Remember the learning curve. While it may take 8 hours to finish a project, our experts can do it in 3 hours and we can charge you for 3 hours. So, when you work an 8 hours shift, 

  • you will still have 5 hours worth of profit
  • your assignment will be already done with better scores than you could’ve gotten yourself
  • you will learn English
  • you will socialize 

Besides, college life is not full of high-quality content. You may be assigned to an excel course while you probably won’t even use it in your working life. Same thing goes for accounting, academic writing, statistics, etc. If you think a course is not going to benefit you in your career, while waste time with it? On PureAssignment, we help students with their full courses as well.

Is Assignment Help Platforms Reliable?

While getting help with such intense service, there are too man things that can go wrong. Reliability depends solely on whom you get help from. Most of assignment help service platforms don’t let you talk with your tutor & freelancer. 

If you decide to get help from an unreliable website,

  • the freelancer may not submit the work on time or may not submit it at all
  • Your paper may be plagiarised; which is considered as a serious crime to steal someone else’s work
  • The website owners may request extra money and threat you with not delivering your paper on time
  • Your expert may threat you with contacting with your professor about your little secret and ask for extra money

In such case, these websites will blame the freelancer whom you don’t even know who, and block you. And you will be left alone with a dangerous freelancer. That is why we recommend clients not to get help from non-credible websites.

At this point, it is important to build trust between client, experts and assignment help service providers before proceeding with the payment. 

As long as freelancers get paid well and platform keeps rights to defend clients in such case; nothing like this will occur. However, I can’t say the same for other platforms. They literally pay only 15-20% of job’s price and this causes freelancers to gain bad attitude against the firm. Thus, clients get effected by these sad situations.

Is assignment help legit service?

Its ethical side may be discussed but our business is registered in Turkey; where there is no law against providing assignment help service. Besides, there are assignment help platforms registered in UK, Canada, Austuralia and many states of USA under the name of ‘research company’. Thus, legal side of the work will not be a problem; it has never been. After all, students never get in trouble from our side.

How PureAssignment Help Can Help You?


PureAssignment is a legit business registered in Turkey. We pay taxes for our services, and make hundreds of regular payments each month to our experts. As the service provider, we do not question ethical side of assignment help. We deliver high quality assignment help service to clients that wants to get their works done from us.

 Hiring someone to do your homework is a pay-to-win situation. Is it working? Hell yes.

To get help with your homework projects, contact with our support via WhatsApp. We will get back to you via WhatsApp in the shortest possible notice. Don’t forget to send all related documents and let us know the due date in your message.


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