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Harvard format

Harvard format is the most complicated, structure-based format. There is a rumor that it is firstly used by harvard education press in harvard online business school.

It is generally used in very detailed and long writings. It is really hard to write.

As a Harvard format example; books can be given because it also has Table of Contents in it.

Let’s see HARVARD format citation and other conditions step by step.

Before you start; make sure

  • Times New roman font, size 12 selected.
  • Paragraph Spacing is 2.0
  • At Layout> Margins, make sure you have 1-inch margin from top-left-bottom-right.

Cover Page

  • As first page header, there should be a Title, aligned to the right.
  • page numbering starts with cover page. (Cover page is the first page)
  • In the middle of page, there should be “TITLE OF THE PAPER CENTERED AND IN CAPS LOCK”
  • After that;
    • Code + Course Name
    • Professor’s Name
    • University Name
    • City, State
    • Date
  • Use Times New Roman, 12 in all document.

Table of Contents Page

  • Table of contents page is numerically second page (2).
  • If you try to create a table of content on your own, it can take many hours. Insert an automatically generated table of contents manually using “References” tab.

Body Page

  • No introduction title or content is necessary.
  • Start with Heading 1 title, centered and capitalized each word. If you don’t use MS Word’s headings, table of contents won’t be generated automatically.
  • Put a “TAB” size space. Then write your first body paragraph.
  • Do not forget to use Heading 2 and 3 if necessary.

In-Text Citation

Take a look at the following paragraph to understand in-text citation of Harvard Format. MS Word also does it for you.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit (Author, Year). Nam tristique urna sapien, id interdum eros ullamcorper in (Baron, 2008).

Aliquam erat volutpat. Nullam quis pellentesque tortor, ut mollis ligula. Nulla quis volutpat ante. Donec nec justo egestas, “condimentum nisl at, cursus velit. Donec in ultrices urna, eu pretium massa” (Author, Year, Page).

Duis ultricies lectus purus, “in ultrices tellus scelerisque in. Maecenas imperdiet purus justo, ac bibendum ante egestas a” (Baron, 2006, p.50).

Proin viverra dapibus sem vel lobortis. Nunc egestas massa porta lectus dignissim, at rhoncus magna facilisis.

… Jones (2003) has argued …

… a recent study (Jones, 2003) has described …

 “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” (Jones, 2003, p.50)

References Page

Note: There are several variations of Harvard style used in different countries; the following is the most common format but is not the only one in use. Please consult the Harvard style guide of the Client’s school / country. Reference list entries should be alphabetized by the last name of the first author of each work. All lines after the first line of each entry in your reference list should be indented ½ inch from the left margin. 


Author’s Last Name, Initials. (Year of Publication) Title of book. City of publication:


Baron, D. (2008) Business and the organisation. Chester: Pearson.


Last name, Initials. (Year published) Article title. Journal, Volume (Issue), pp.Pages.

Cox, C. (2002) What health care assistants know about clean hands. Nursing today, Spring

Issue, pp.647-85.

Online sources

Last name, Initials. (Year published) Article Title. Journal, [online] Volume (Issue),

pp.Pages. Available at: URL [Accessed Day Mo. Year].

Raina, S. (2015) Establishing Correlation Between Genetics and Nonresponse. Journal of

Postgraduate Medicine, [online] Volume 61(2), p. 148. Available at:


[Accessed 8 Apr. 2015].

Please refer to the following website for automatic generation of references:


Please refer to the following website for manual formatting of your references:


Here is the %100 free HARVARD template as we promised!

Google Drive

Harvard format template free download

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  • I’ve been watching a youtube video to learn features of template until I find this page. Thx

  • Rachel

    4 years ago

    I had to use it for once (that’s what my prof wanted). I wrote everything and when it’s up to synchronize table of contents, I fucked up terribly. I just sent it like that and I got -15 points / 120 for format 🙁

  • Thanks for the free Harvard template sir. I’ve never used it personally 🙂

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